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*PLUS key* on my keyboard is not working. I do not remember was it working since I bought my black macbook refubrished in Apple store in Nov 2007, becouse I do not use symbols. So = equals symbol is working, but when I press SHIFT, the key is not working, I can't type PLUS symbol. When CAPSLOCK is pressed it types regular symbols like ..7890-=...

Can you help me fix it?

black macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Either shift key should enable the + sign.
    Caps lock will not enable anything but numbers and primary symbols in the top row.
    Numbers lock will enable the + sign in the ? / key in the 'numbers lock key pad' the mjkluip789/; pad

    So you have a workaround to make a + sign by using the numbers lock(F6), but can you pursue any warranty(applecare) for your keypad malfunction?

    Happy Typing
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    Thank you for advice! Numlock enabling + if I type /? key.

    But I found one more problem. When Numlock is enabled and I use symbols/numbers keys the only keys working are 789/= I mean `123456 are not working when numlock is pressed. That's not normal, is it?

    I haven't any warranty and even don't have any official Apple service office here where I'm living now.

    I still hope there's any simple way of solving the problem..
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    Yeah, numlock disables all the other keys. Cant think of anything cheap or easy to fix a dead key, odd that the = works but the shift/= doesnt make the +.

    If you need quicker access to the + than numlock, think about a USB numeric keypad; they can also be great for gaming.