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When I got to the app store and I want to redownload an app that I have already download the "Free" icon that you click to download is grayed out and does not allow men to download. I have tried downloading the app on itunes on my computer but when I sync, the app does not show up on the phone. What is the deal with this?

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    If it's gray, it should say "Installed" on it, indicating that the app is already on your phone. Have you checked all your screens for that app? Look at the dots on the bottom to see what screen you're on.

    If it's still not there, make sure the appropriate boxes are checked in the Applications tab in iTunes before syncing.
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    That is the problem it is not installed but it is graying out the "Free" like it does when it is installed. On my computer it show that it is on one of the pages and ready to be synced but when I sync it, it is not on the phone. I did a hard reset and this problem still continues.
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    Figured it out thanks guys.
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    Perhaps you could share your solution so others can benefit?
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    Please do share the solution . . . I'm seeing the same issue on my iPhone.
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    Please do share the sollution.
    Having the same issues here.

    One other issue is that despite the fact that I can see apps using space on my iPhone (in iTunes), I can not see them on my iPhone. S I had the iPhone crash while using Bento and since then, all but the Apple apps have disappeared.
    I took 'm of the sycn list, synced, put them back on, synced, no avail.

    Please advise.
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    one possible solution is
    go to settings
    see if it is on or off
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    Bingo and thanks! I had 2 apps (USA Today and AP Mobile) that iTunes says are on my iPhone and I could not reinstall them (FREE grayed out in app store). When I changed the Settings/General/Restrictions and turned them off, the apps reappeared on my iPhone. The problems was with the "Allowed Content" setting for App, I had it set to 4+. Setting it higher made the apps appear. This problem has frustrated the stew out of me for six months.