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I just downloaded Better Tool Touch. I was able to do ONE - jut ONE function on Better Tool Touch - it was awesome. Now I try to re-find Better Tool Touch and I can't find it anywhere. Its on my desk top, but it won't open or close. It says its still open so it won't trash it. This program is good, at least for the one function I programed into it, but after that - its worthless or maybe I am worthless - since I can't find it anywhere - as stated, its open, SOMEWHERE in Appleland.


imac A1225, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Sorry - the Better Touch Tool is for the New Apple Mighty Mouse
  • decsr Level 1 Level 1
    Actually, its for the New Apple Magic Mouse
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    It's running in your Menu Bar
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    From the BTT FAQ at http://blog.boastr.net/?page_id=868

    * Oh noes, I checked the option for hiding the menubar Icon and now the menubar icon is not visible anymore! How can I access the preferences now?
    Answer: hit CTRLALT+CMDO

    (that's a capital letter O, not a zero)

    Also, you want to stay fairly up-to-date with BTT; the author tends to
    come out with one or more updates most days. You may just want to read the
    blog at http://blog.boastr.net/
    te see whether the latest is reasonably stable; usually either the latest,
    or one or two before that, is ok. The one that it gives for auto-update
    (unless new enough to have the option for taking alpha updates, and
    that option is enabled) is probably reasonably stable, but fairly old.

    I've tried most versions (with Magic Mouse; no multitouch pad on a Mac Mini
    obviously) and had fairly few problems. The only persistent problem I've had is
    that some gestures ("tip-tap") are a bit difficult for me to do consistently,
    and others are easy to do accidentally (for example, a two-finger tap is
    too easy to do by just having one extra lazy finger down when trying to
    do some other gesture). But there are enough gestures now that I don't
    really need to use every possible combination to do what I want.

    Using BTT to launch Trampoline or Quicksilver allows one to do even more.
    Using KeyClick for feedback sometimes makes it easier to learn to do some
    of the gestures more carefully.

    Anytime you want to set a gesture to an already defined shortcut key
    sequence, you may have to temporarily disable the shortcut (perhaps
    with Keyboard preferences) so as to be able to enter it into the BTT
    preferences; then, re-enable it once that's done.

    At one point, the format of the BTT preferences changed and you had to
    re-enter your preferences on the following update, but IIRC that's only
    happened once.
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    I'm starting to think that it doesn't matter how great Better Tool Touch is, if you can't even get to their website to get their product! I've been trying to access it for an hour, with no luck.
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    The site works for me.. without problem
    And I think it is a one man job, wel the users help find bugs/suggestions and even some code help, but still one man making it all work.