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I have the 160 GB Classic on a windows 7 computer. Everything is top notch on the computer. I have no problems with iTunes now other than the fact that I cannot SYNC my iPOD.

Someone please help!

HP Pasario, Windows 7, 160 gb classic
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    I have no problems with iTunes now other than the fact that I cannot SYNC my iPOD.

    Do you get an error message when you try to sync the ipod? If so, what does it say? (Precise text, please.)

    If you don't get an error message, can you walk us through what happens when you try to sync?
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    My Ipod won't not only sync but won't load in itunes.
    It all started when I accidentally plugged in the ipod when the pc was loading, all of a sudden the pc was reading files off the ipod and displaying them on screen (like typing dir in Dos)i paniced and rebooted pc, and ipod then said it was safe to disconnect, so I disconnected ipod, windows loaded fine, but now no show of ipod in itunes, I have uninstalled and reinstall itunes and all apple software, reset & reboot ipod, the closest I have come to making work properly was when I restart ipod services, this makes my ipod appear in explorer and I can even click on a song in explorer on the ipod and it will play in itunes, but still no show in task bar on left. Bummer Hu!! Please help.
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    I have an iPod classic 80GB. I just recently updated the iTunes software ( Now when I plug my iPod into my computer, ITunes comes up and my iPod says initially says it is connected and then says it is ejected. In iTunes the iPod also does not show up under devices, so I cannot manually load the music. I have run the diagnostics under Help. iTunes does not detect that the iPod is connected to the computer. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes and get the same problem. My Vista software updates are all installed. Seems like lots of people are having this problem. It really seems to me that there is a problem with iTunes 9.
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    you may want to read this..

  • flipperoff Level 1 Level 1
    This is a nice utility to really examine what is going on with your USB ports..

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    yer Ranger6 Its not just itunes 9 as i found out the hard way, again uninstalled intunes 9 and installed itunes 8 and its still up to its same tricks, (not sure if I could before but now i can plug in ipod to pc and automatically itunes is loaded, but the ipod doesn't appear !!!) I read some of the things in windows help reg. troubleshooting for usb (from the link) and nothing really stands out to whats going wrong, I installed that usb software thing (everything seams fine)but a strange thing the serial number on the screen isn't the same on back of ipod. Not sure if this means anything. Please Help us, isn't so annoying, its like Apple and Microsoft for some reason spat the dummy at each other! Probably wouldn't have happen if we had a Mac !!!
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    I installed that usb software thing (everything seams fine)but a strange thing the serial number on the screen isn't the same on back of ipod.

    ... if you were using XP SP2 rather than Vista, I'd instantly assume you were having a Windows drive letter confusion on the basis of that.

    Better doublecheck ... what Windows operating system are you using there, ipod classic 120GB?
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    I am using windows vista (all updates are updated) and ipod behaves exactly like ranger6 ipod. I have got all itunes songs updated on external drive, wouldn't the easiest thing to do would reinstall software on ipod (i am 100% sure this would fix problem) (it reads in explorer fine.) Would I have to format the ipod to do this ????? Thanks for all Help.
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    Might try just seeing if we can get her to restore first, 120GB.

    Doublechecking. Can you get the iPod into Disk Mode?

    [Putting iPod into Disk Mode|http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1363]

    If so, will she appear in iTunes then? If so, I'd try doing a restore, and see if she starts connecting normally after that.
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    Putting into disk mode still won't appear in itunes (where it should on the lefthand side task bar thing) But still can import songs and play them off ipod in itunes via File > import song or folder Is it just me or does it seam odd that ranger6 and I both have our vista updates and everything fine with windows but not with our ipod ie could something like windows defender be blocking it some how. I ran windows in safe mode and for the first time itunes errors appeared telling me to reinstall itunes. From memory it said reinstall itunes to fix software on ipod (or something to that effect) reInstalling itunes 9.0.2 now Thanks
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    I am Back Please help. After a week of trying to install itunes and getting broken signatures I've finally back to where i was before i uninstalled itunes 9.0.2 to see if ipod would work under itunes 8. NOTHING HAS CHANGED IPOD STILL ACTING THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!

    Can I please reinstall software on ipod without del music on it ?????
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    i think that the same is going on with my itunes, im going crazy! my itunes doesnt recognize my ipod, my pc does, i have a classic 80GB and a windows xp, nothing seems to work, id tried everything that apple support said but is not working! please help!