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I got Logic Express 9 yesterday and have been messing around with it using my Akai LPD8. For some reason I'm having an issue assigning the kick drum. It seems like it was working previously, but I think something went awry after I tried to do a Command + L learn function. Now, whenever I assign C1 as the kick for any of the pads, I'm not getting any output.

I can see that if I use the Logic keyboard method when ALL CAPS is selected, every time I click on the letter 'K', I get the kick sound and I can see 'C1' as the Input in the Transport Bar . But, like I said, when I assign C1 for one of the pads, I get nothing. I still see C1 as input in the Transport Bar when the pad is hit, but no sound.

I'm a complete novice when it comes to using DAWs above Garageband level as well as using MIDI controllers. Any help would be much appreciated.

iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 20", MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    My guess is you have selected another track in the Arrange and midi signal from LPD goes to it, not the Software Instrument you intend to use.

    If you can see midi activity in the Transport bar, then it must be something really simple, like I mentioned above.

    Make sure you read some relevant parts about MIDI setup in the manuals for both Logic and LPD.
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    Thanks for the reply Brazeca.

    I've only got one track in my Arrange window, if I'm understanding you correctly. All the other assigned pads work fine on this track. I'm just not getting anything from the pad with C1 assigned.

    As far as the manuals go, the manual for the LPD is pretty non existent much to my frustration. The manual for Logic Express is not much help either.
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    Aaaaand I just figured it out by sheer luck and screwing around with the Controller Assignments.