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For about 3 month now, My Imac hasn't been able to turn on normally. Back in September I turned my computer on like I have done countless time and it will only get to the blue screen and nothing more. I used to beable to un-plug the power and wait a few seconds then plug it back and it would start normally. As the mnths have gone by it take anywhere from 3-5 trys unplugging it and turning it on for it to fully start. No other issue have appeared, I've have done every test that I can do via-home IE original disk check etc. I've been told it could be the logicboard, I checked the Caps and none seem to have bust which is known problem in this generation of Imac. I also there were also power supply issues, but without any more symptoms other than the starting issue, I'm not sure if it's just start of failing logicboard, and why does the unplugging temperately fix the problem, Which will last a few hrs, where I can turn in on normally but if left over night it will be stuck again.

G5 1.8ghz 17inch widescreen, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    It could be the power supply, if disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord makes it work temporarily. Disconnecting the power cord is resetting the hardware, so you can attempt another startup.

    If you have not already, be sure to try resetting PRAM


    and then resetting SMU (power management)


    Be sure to follow the procedure precisely. When you reconnect the power cord, if you have been using a crowded or old power strip (surge suppressor), try connecting it directly to a wall outlet by itself, at least initially. When you power it up, have everything disconnected except for the power cord. If it starts up properly, connect only your keyboard and mouse. Use it that way for a while, and note if this problem recurs. If all is well, reconnect your other peripheral (USB/FireWire) devices, one-by-one if possible. If the problem returns at some point, note what device was added last. It may be faulty or conflicting with the iMac. USB and FireWire devices can interfere with sleep, wake, shutdown, and startup.

    If the problem recurs, even after the SMU reset and attempting to start up with nothing but the power cord connected, it is very likely to be a hardware issue that require some type of repair.