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pianoman1976 Level 1 (100 points)
If I wanted to completely disable all iDisk/MobileMe functionality, what are the extensions and/or other files that should be deleted? In addition, is there Terminal code required to empty the extensions cache ?

Thank you.

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  • K Shaffer Level 6 (12,552 points)
    From what I've found about the functionality of iDisk and MobileMe, is these
    are interrelated and other applications and bits in the computer have parts
    or refer to them. If the iDisk and MobileMe are ignored and not actively used
    then they are still in there, but should be of no consequence.

    When parts of a system are tweaked in some way or another, later updates
    to the whole system which may address those items function may act oddly.
    Or the items you though to disable cleverly may return to their original default
    status. In other system parts, odd things can happen after stuff gets moved.

    There is a way to remove MobileMe from the Preferences panel, since there
    is a support file for all items within the system pref control app. And a sidebar
    for iDisk in some cases is easy to remove...

    How to remove MobileMe (OS X) and iDisk:

    Remove MobileMe icon & System Pref pane Mac OS X 10.5:

    MobileMe basic how-tos:

    Some problems with iDisk happen when trying to Sync.
    Troubleshooting iDisk Sync: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1546

    You can just turn off several of the items actions directly and leave
    them in the computer, least something else act incorrectly if missing.
    Perhaps someone else with experience tweaking or modifying can
    add something they've learned from messing up their system.

    Is there an interface or control tool to change the behavior of these
    items in the utility OnyX? There are others in there, maybe one for this.

    Good luck & happy computing!

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  • pianoman1976 Level 1 (100 points)
    Thank you for the response, yet I'm am really just interested in knowing what extension files correspond to iDisk/MobileMe functionality and am not at all concerned about potential future problems resulting from removing these files.
  • K Shaffer Level 6 (12,552 points)
    You may be able to get some ideas (dangerous thoughts
    if they aren't screened carefully, inside the Mac OS X)
    on what kinds of files are involved with those two items,
    by looking into the System Profiler's Software section
    and the Applications, Extensions, etc.

    Not sure of the consequences to the rest of the System if
    and when the inter-related parts of the OS X are removed.
    And they are somewhat inter-connected, even if turned off.

    In the System Profiler, you can click on an item and see a
    path to it; not sure if that really helps in a creative way...

    There are those Uninstaller apps, such as AppClean that
    go after something and pull it out by the roots. (Gasp!)

    Good luck & happy computing!