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PLEASE HELP ME!!!! My Ipod keeps restarting, or turning off, I'm not sure which, but when it does that then it shows the Apple Logo, it will go to the main screen for maybe 1 second, but then it does this cycle over again. It has been doing this for a while now. It is also unresponsive, I and tried the R things but they didn't work either. I have tried plugging it up and it hasnt helped, I have no idea what to do. Oh and I havn't dropped it or anything, I have taken very good care of it. The only thing I can think of that ould be wrong with it is that my Dad had it plugged into his car radio, he says it started doing this action while it was plugged up to that, but I have no proof of that. He also plugged it into his computer, which has none of the Itunes software on it, to try to download my songs onto his computer, he says all the songs copied to his computer just fine. I plugged the Ipod into my Ihome and it froze up, when it unfroze I saw that I had all of my songs, but then it started to Turn off and show the Apple Logo. If you have any suggestions please contact me!!!!

Ipod Nano 4th Generation, Windows Vista, :(
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    This happened to me to.It has done this for about a week.I have only plugged into my car stereo with a cord that is for iPods to stereos and I have used my iHome with the output that came with my iPod.I am confused.I have also tried resetting it to 3 different computers.I am thinking that it is the new iTunes that messed up my iPod.And I have also tried to change where my chord it plugged in-5 different usb ports and NOTHING.PLEASE help!!
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    The same thing happened to me today. I've had my 4th gen nano for about a year and I turned it on to listen to some music while I worked on an essay, no such luck, it just started restarting over and over and over. NOTHING IS WORKING! My ipod is my life. the new itunes has got to be the problem. this has never happened before....ughh
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    Yes, this is also happening to my daughter's 4th generation nano ipod. The observed sequence is like this, after I plug it into my PC's USB port:

    1). Black screen for a moment, then the Apple shows up for a long time (more than 2 minutes);
    2). The menu (in dim mode usually) shows up for a split second, and my PC sees the USB port that the i-pod is using at the same time;
    3). The "connected" picture shows up for a few seconds;
    4). It turns dark and repeats from step 1).

    My daughter did not do anything extraordinary except she had a sleepover and drained the ipod pretty much completely.

    My daughter also tried to connect it to another computer that has i-tunes, but it didn't recognize it. I tried to connect it to our BMW's i-pod connector - it was able to establish very short periods of connection and pulled some info from the ipod for the i-Drive display but it could not play any music. I suspect the BMW was merely getting what my PC was getting in any case.

    Anyhow, I'd be really happy if someone could show me how to solve this. The ipod is still under the 1-year warranty but my daughter loves the personalized engraving on this particular device.
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    It would appear that the three discussions relating to the 4th gen iPod failing to connect/sync/restarting would be that there is a common problem, that is: after downloading the newest iTunes (V9.2) problems have arisen. My first iPod failed and had it replaced. I had exactly the same problem with the second and now the third. Twice I have uninstalled/re-installed the itunes program but I suspect that the latest version seems to wipe out? the software installed in the iPod making it useless. The second one I sent back had a ... you guessed it .. a software failure..and now looks like the new one I JUST picked up today is suffering the same thing. I am just so over it.
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    same deal here. if it make you guys feel any better, i'm running a MacBook, so it's something endemic to iTunes in general and not just Windows-based. back in the drawer the nano goes...
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    Just an update on my earlier post. I talked with Apple Support and, having described all the things I had done, they asked me to return the ipod to a local store and get a replacement (not sure if it was new or refurbished) because my daughter's nano was still under warranty. The replacement worked without a hitch. Still don't know exactly what happened except a totally drained battery is not good for the health of the nano.

    Good luck everyone else.
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    I had this same problem. To solve it you need to plug the ipod into a wall charger so that the battery can recharge. Then when you plug it back into your computer it should work fine. It must be something to do with letting the battery run flat.
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    Es ist zum Heulen, zwei IPods sind kaputt.
    Ich brauche kein Produkt, das nur funktioniert, wenn ich von der gleichen Firma ein weiteres Produkt nutze muss, bei dem ich keinerlei Eingriffsmöglichkeiten habe.
    Wenn ich mir die Foren anschaue, auf die Apple ja verweist, muss ich sagen es ist eine Zumutung. Seit mindestens 3 Monaten gibt es dieses Problem und wir kommen nicht weiter.
    Nebenbei, bei uns ist:
    die Batterie voll,
    der Ipod wurde richtig verwendet,
    im Auto wurde er nicht genutzt
    das Betriebssystem des PC ist auf dem aktuellen Stand und Itunes ebenso.
    Also was soll der Mist???
    Nebenbei: es wäre gut, wenn man Itunes auffordern könnte einen Ipod manuell zu suchen und nicht automatisch zu synchronisieren.
    Hab ich übrigens abgeschaltet, trotzdem macht es Itunes noch.
    Nach 4 Stunden Arbeit hatte ich die Apple Produkte jezt soweit, dass sie wieder miteinander konnten, allerdings nur kurze Zeit, alle Musikstücke, Filme, Bücher etc, die itunes abspielt, werden bei der Synchr. als nicht vorhanden gemeldet.Jetzt wird der Ipod wieder automatisch synchronisiert, weil die Daten angeblich nicht da sind, geht das aber nicht, dann wird der ipod gleich ausgeworfen. Ich kann jetzt nicht einmal mehr festlegen, welche Daten synchronisiert werden sollen, weil das wieder nur im Ipod geht.Man könnte richtig unflätig werden!
    Vielleicht liegt es auch daran, dass Apple und Microsoft nicht (mehr) zusammenpassen??
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    Genug geweint -
    nach 3 Wochen funktioniert es wieder-I fixed it, after 3 weeks

    leider kann ich nicht sagen, an was es liegt/
    sorry, but I am not able to tell you what the problem was

    Da es jetzt geht, ohne dass ich an Vista etwas geändert hätte, vermute ich, dass eines der Apple Programme des Fehler verursacht.
    I did not change anything with Vista but it works now. Though I think the failure occured because of one of the Apple products.

    Schritt für Schritt / step by step

    1. iPod auswerfen / diconnect your iPod

    2. holen Sie sich alle wichtigen Windowsupdates/
    update your windows

    3. holen Sie sich iTunes noch einmal aber installieren Sie es nicht/
    download iTunes again, but don't install it.

    4. deinstalliere alle Appleprogramme
    (ich nutze nur die 6 Apple Programme, die zwangsweise mit iTunes installiert werden, ob es Sinn macht auch Safari zu löschen kann ich nicht sagen,weil ich es nicht nutze,aber vielleicht sollte man alles rausschmeißen)
    deinstall all Apple-software
    (I use only the software wich comes together with iTunes. I don't use safari. You might deinstall it as well, if you use it on a PC)

    5. Verbinden Sie den iPod mit dem PC
    Ohne iTunes hörte der "Kampf" zwischen Windows und iTunes auf (logo!).
    Solange der iPod davor verbunden war gab es Fehlermeldungen sowohl von iTunes als auch von Windows und der iPod flog bei beiden Systemen raus. Jetzt ließ Windows den iPod in der Liste der angeschlossenen Geräte. Ich habe ihn neu formatiert und dann ausgeworfen.
    Connect your iPod.
    Without iTunes the struggle between windows and iTunes was over.
    As long as iTunes was installed and a iPod was connected I got a notice of a failure from iTunes and windows. both of them disconnected the iPod. Now windows kept the iPod an I was able to format it, then I disconnected it.

    6. Da ich keine Zeit mehr hatte habe ich den Computer heruntergefahren und erst mehrere Stunden später wieder angemacht. (ob das spätere Hochfahren von Bedeutung ist werde ich wohl nie erfahren, ich erwähne es nur, um möglichst keinen Schritt auszulassen)
    I drove down the computer and turned it on again after a few hours. (Is it necessary to wait a few hours? I don't know. I mention it only)

    7. Installieren Sie iTunes / install iTunes

    8. starten Sie iTunes / start iTunes

    9. verbinden Sie den iPod mit dem Computer / connect your iPod with your PC

    Bei mir haben die Fehlermeldungen aufgehört und ich konnte das "kaputte" Gerät wieder mit Musik, Filmen und Hörbüchern füttern.
    Ich hoffe es klappt auch bei Ihnen.
    In my case there were no further messages of a failure. I got music, movies and audiobooks on my daughters iPod.

    Interessieren würde mich schon, warum ein System plötzlich spinnt, obwohl ich "außer" updates nichts verändert hatte.
    Why happened it???