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I am trying to create a new podcast. I have successfully done that with garage band. And originally I had it going through iweb onto my mobile me site. But I decided I wanted to switch hosting to Libsyn. Which I set up just fine. Then I could not figure out how to point iTunes to Libsyn instead of the old iweb site. I messed around trying to get that transferred for a while, and finally just gave up. And submitted the Libsyn feed as a new podcast.
Now, for obvious reasons I want to remove the old inactive podcast feed from iTunes. And can't figure out how to for the life of me. I followed Apple's instructions, and went under "Report a concern" and selected "Remove Podcast". Then it told me to put <itunes:block> into my RSS feed. Thats where I am stuck. How would I go about inserting <itunes:block> into the feed?

Black MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    According to the Tech Note you read you should be able to do this:

    Click on Report a Concern.

    Select "is mine and I want it removed from the Music Store" from the Choose a Reason menu.

    Explain why you want the podcast removed.

    The 'block' tag is intended for temporary use: so I should give it another try and see whether you can do this - it shouldn't be advising you to use the tag.

    If you really can't get this to work, then you will need to enter the line


    anywhere in the top section of the feed between the <channel> and the first <item> tag.

    In order to do this you will have to look in your iDisk in the Web/Sites folder and identify the folder in which your podcast was placed, and locate the reed file, which is a file with the extension .xml. Download this, open it in TextEdit, add the tag as described, and save it - when TextEdit offers to add '.txt' to the end decline this offer, the filename must be the same as before. Then upload it back to the same place, replacing the original. It will take a few days to take effect.
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    First In iTunes "is mine and I want it removed" is not one of the options. I took a screenshot of the options I am given:


    The "Remove a podcast" gives me this:


    That being said I found the Feed file (I assumed thats what you meant because I could not find a "Reed" file) in my idisk:


    Can you help specify what and where I need to put in said feed file.

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    It looks as if they've withdrawn the manual removal facility - they should update their own instructions. It's inconsiderate because not everyone has access to their feed.

    Sorry about 'Reed' - fat finger syndrome... however the file you post isn't a podcast feed file. I don't use iWeb for podcasting so it's a bit difficult to comment: but it should be in the same folder as the podcast page - that folder would probably be in a folder with the name of the site. The top of it would look like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <rss xmlns:itunes="http://www.itunes.com/dtds/podcast-1.0.dtd" version="2.0">

    There may be other bits in the second tag, or an extra tag. You can place the 'block' tag immediately below the 'channel' tag.

    If you are still having problems locating the file and would like to publish the URL of the iTunes Store page for the podcast you want to remove I will try to trace if for you.
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    I went in and placed the block tag below the <channel> in every XML file I thought might affect it. I can still get to it in iTunes tho. Maybe it just takes a while to take effect. Here is the link to the podcast I want taken down in iTunes:


    Here is the RSS feed link that I submitted to iTunes to get it in the store:


    hope you are able to do something with those. Assuming adding the <itunes:block> tag into the XML files doesn't work.
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    Just got an email from the iTunes guys saying that the old feed has been taken down. Guess it worked! Thanks!
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    I'm glad you got it sorted. Evidently they do still remove it manually despite what the site says.