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Please answer any of the three questions you can.

So here is my dilema, my files are all named weirdly due to downloading from amazon, walmart and other sources. Their data is all mixed up and some info is missing on the song file. I fixed all the files info in my itunes library and added album artwork but it doesn't fix it on the actual file. I know this cause when my iTunes completely messed up once and i had to reimport all my songs were back to being messed up. My question is...

1). Will consolidating my library also change the file names to match the info inside itunes and will it add/change in missing info such as "artist" or "album" in the actual file?

Also i have a problem with "change". I get used to something and if it changes too muuch and i have a hard time getting used to it i get really frustrated. My second question is...

2). Can consolidating be undone? I know it can't be undone officially but what if i were to export my itunes library, consolidate, and then if i don't like it, just import the old library file and use the original folder and organization if i don't delete it?

The most important part for me is the song information. I want it to be embeded into the file the way i have it in itunes so it works for media center and other programs...

3). Is there a 3rd party program for this that is easy to instal and doesn't take up a lot of space and is easy to remove?


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    Hopefully this info will be helpful:

    If you use iTunes "Get Info" to change the title, artist, or album information for a track, the new information will be written to the file itself.

    The only problems you may encounter with this are (1) if you don't have write permission to the file or its containing folder, or (2) if you have multiple copies of the file and are looking at a different copy than the one you fixed.

    To validate that the song information was in fact changed, you can play the file in another player, such as Winamp or Windows Media Player.

    Also - Consolidation cannot be undone. Make sure you read and understand what it does, before you "pull the trigger."
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    All I can say is .'BE CAREFUL' before consolidating

    Back up the original sync folder before you can do this, because my original sync folder in my hard disk got completely messed up.
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    Wow, i'm an idiot. Ok, i always do the get info thing and change it. For some reason i never noticed it actually changed the file properties. Although when my library crashed a lot of them were messed up again.

    Honestly, i don't need to consolidate because all my music is in one place. My only thing was that i read or possibly misread that it fixes filenames. A lot of the filenames on my amazon songs and others are named weirdly like "03-_Sexy_*****_(FeaturingAkonexplicit)" When i wish it were just "Sexy ***** - David Guetta". Meh, not too important.

    One last question then:

    Is there a way to get the album art to embed itself into the file? I've noticed some of my songs have album art inhe file itself but for others i know that it's only in itunes. (unless i missedd that detail as well) When my library crashed i lost A LOT of album art that took me a very long time to find in the first place.
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    Apple bleeped out the word for female dog in the comment above.
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    mike6545 wrote:

    One last question then:

    Is there a way to get the album art to embed itself into the file? I've noticed some of my songs have album art inhe file itself but for others i know that it's only in itunes.

    If you use the iTunes command Get Album Art, the art is stored separately by iTunes.

    If you add art by using Get Info and pasting it in to the Artwork tab, the artwork is emebedded in the MP3.
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    That totally makes sense. Thanks! It's kind of stupid at the same time that itunes just stores them but whatever.
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    I accidentally didn't give you the credit for solving it. Post something so i can mark it solved.
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    Glad it helped. Enjoy the music!