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I was going thru my folders cleaning out un-needed files when I found a uspy folder in my home library/applicaiton support...it included uspy.ini, uspy.save, and uspy.log. .... can anyone tell me what this is for? i googled it and found stuff about uspy.exe for windows and something about it being associated w/ a cam which i do have...just want to know if it's something i should be worried about because i've recently been having a problem w/ disk space disappearing

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.3), 1.6ghz dual core
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    If you have the cam and are using it then it is support files that the associated software installed. To continue using the cam you just might need those files.
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    How big is your disk and how much free space is on it?
    You are unlikely to recover any significant space by
    deleting applications and their support files.
    Is the space decreasing slowly or quickly?

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    i haven't had an opportunity to notice how fast the space is disappearing...i come home from work and notice that i hardly have any space left...in the past it was a driver for a game controller that was creating huge log files, i just deleted it from login items...i haven't noticed any excessively large log files recently though