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I've taken my wife's ipod touch but can't figure out how to rename it...this is probably a stupid question..but anyone know how I can do this or is it forever going to be in her name..not a big issues, but still..

Also, the "mail" application is stuck on my wife's gmail account..how can I change it to my own gmail account. I've gone into settings and put in my info, but it always goes to my wife's account. help?


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    Hello skills,

    To rename the iPod, simply double click its current name in the left hand pane of iTunes, then type the new name.

    As to the mail account, have you tried deleting her mail account altogether before making configurations for your email account? Here is more information regarding deleting email accounts and other various settings.

    Another solution, is to restore the iPod Touch via iTunes. This will erase all the content and settings from the iPod and set it back to its original default settings. This will be like starting all over. You will be able to rename the iPod, set it up to sync however you wish, and add your own new mail account.


  • Skazzy Level 1 (45 points)
    Thanks..I changed names no problem but can't solve the "mail" issue...there is only one account in 'settings/mail' and it's mine so not sure why the icon on desktop of ipod touch still says '9' (for my wife's inbox) and goes directly to it when I click on the icon.
    When I took over the ipod touch I did delete and wipe it clean, or thought I did anyway...so not sure why this info is still on the touch.

  • planb77 Level 7 (32,310 points)
    Did you try deleting the email account using the instructions from the first Apple support document I provided above?

    If you have properly restore the iPod, there would be absolutely no user configured settings. It's basically like getting one brand new right out of the box. I would just try restoring it again using the instructions from the first Apple support document.

  • dcerr Level 1 (0 points)
    There was never a name given to this i touch, when I double click on where the name should be, nothing happens. I really don't want to reset everything. Any other ideas???