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Joanne Walen Level 2 Level 2 (185 points)
I'd like to connect my iMac to our new HDTV and purchased an HDMI cable to do this. However, now I see there is no place to plug that cable into my computer. What additional cable connector do I need to make this connection?

20" Intel Core 2 Duo; iBook G4; iMac-flat, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Duo 2GB ram; HP 7410 wireless AIO printer
  • Mister2010 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    You would need to pick-up a cable similar to :

    This link is for a MiniDisplay to DVI, you would then also need a DVI to HDMI connector.
    OR you need a MiniDisplay to HDMI cable - I have seen them online, but not at Apple.

    The only problem will be the audio getting from the Mac to the HDTV. The HDMI input on the TV will be expecting an audio stream but the Mac will only give a video stream - Internet, please correct me if I am wrong

    I am trying to do the same thing with my iMac and TV.
    I have ordered the following:
    . MiniDisplay Port to HDMI adapter
    . 15 foot HDMI cable
    . 15 foot Mini Toslink to Toslink digital audio

    I will be sending the Toslink directly to the home theater receiver and the HDMI straight to the TV.

    This might help.
  • Tummies Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    There's an adapter that just brought out that I purchased. Works like a charm. It still plugs into the mini display port but it also has a usb connector that you must plug into one of your usb ports on your imac. This allows for the audio to travel over the hdmi with the video. I'm trying to find the exact link on monoprice. I'll post it as soon as I find it.
  • Tummies Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Just found it. Here it is. There's some tweaking needed so let me know if you need help.
  • Joanne Walen Level 2 Level 2 (185 points)
    OK. As I understand it, if I purchase this connector, I plug in the USB and mini display port to my iMac and attach the HDMI cable I bought to the HDMI end and then to the tv? (Obviously, I'm not very tech savvy.) If that's it, it looks simple enough that even I can do it.
  • captfred Level 7 Level 7 (26,265 points)
    Joanne, I have done the same thing with this cable. I works great.
    Be aware that once you add the tv as a second screen that it extends your desktop typically to the right of your current one. Just drag an open window to the right and it appears on your tv. The resolution of the tv is probably lower than the mac screen so the extention is a different size. You can move the extension around to the top/bottom/left/right etc.

    You can see this in Preferences - displays - arrangement, After you have added your second screen.

    If you don't want to extend the desktop but would rather mirror your primary display, this is where you check "mirror displays"

  • Rick Lang Level 4 Level 4 (1,230 points)
    Joanne, this option is more expensive but uses optical audio (5.1 channel) which will sound better and is what HDMI is also designed to accommodate:
  • Joanne Walen Level 2 Level 2 (185 points)
    Rick, Tummies, and captfred,
    These all look like the solution I was looking for. Thank you. I'll get ordered what I need and try it out.
    Then we'll be able to watch our grandson play pro baseball this summer on tv--just like the majors! They stream his home games from St. Paul.

    Once I've made this work, I'll mark my question as answered.

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  • Joanne Walen Level 2 Level 2 (185 points)
    My Kanex cable just arrived today. So, I plug it in, then into the TV. In the "displays" preferences, I can choose mirror, so that I see on the TV what I have on my screen. Is that correct? Then, what I correct on the screen will be corrected on the TV. I hope I have this right.
  • Joanne Walen Level 2 Level 2 (185 points)
    I was just told by Sony support that I shouldn't use an HDMI cable to connect the computer to the TV. Yet you say it works for you. I did just spend $70 for the Kanix:

    so I'd like to be able to use it with my HDMI cable. What adjustments do I need to make to the input on the TV to pick up the computer screen?
  • Rick Lang Level 4 Level 4 (1,230 points)
    Joanne: "I can choose mirror, so that I see on the TV what I have on my screen. Is that correct? "

    No, it's better not to use mirror unless your screen resolution is identical. Your HDTV is likely 1920x1080 and I don't know your iMac's resolution but I do know it's not 1920x1080 - the only iMacs with that resolution are the new 21.5" iMac (late 2009) models I believe.

    Do not use mirror; use the extended desktop where you drag the window you want to display to the secondary display (the HDTV) and then you can switch to 'full screen' display on the TV. As for the concern about HDMI from a computer to the Sony, I don't understand why there would be a problem with the Kanex cable. Can someone at Sony give you a better explanation? Or just give it a try!
  • Joanne Walen Level 2 Level 2 (185 points)
    Thanks, that information about mirror is useful. I'll have to be specific in asking Sony about which of the HDMI plugins I can use, too. There are three on the side. Unfortunately the user's manual shows attaching a Windows PC tower with an entirely different connection to the back of the TV.
  • Billy Dye Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    Very cheap cables for all the connections you need can be found at

    I used the [[ASIN:B0025V2VO0 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter (female) Cable for Apple Mac]] along with [[ASIN:B000EPRG6W 25ft HDMI to HDMI Cable Premium Gold Series HDMI Certified]] to connect my iMac to my HDTV. The picture is fantastic! Don't pay for overpriced cables--these work great!

    Note that you have to have a separate audio connection, as the Mini DisplayPort is only video out, no audio. I used the[[ASIN:B001ZTXBMO Digital Optical Audio TosLink to Mini TosLink Cable, 12 FT]] along with [[ASIN:B000V06UHQ RiteAV - Digital Optical Toslink Cable 25ft.]] and [[ASIN:B0002MQGRC Optical Extension Coupler]] to connect my iMac to my home theater. I bought all the cables and connector on Amazon for practically nothing compared to retail. It sounds fantastic--huge improvement over wireless (bluetooth) or RCA connections. Don't waste money on expensive cables. The cheap ones carry the digital signal just as well.
  • Body XS Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I’m about the buy the “Mini DisplayPort DP,USB,Toslink Audio to HDMI Adapter” to view my iMac 27 i5 on a LG 32LH70YR HDTV, and I was wondering if can see and hear any movie format played i.e. from VLC on the HDTV.
    My HDTV has 3 HDMI ports but the manual says:
    “HDMI mode supports PCM audio format only. If the Audio setting is set to Dolby/DTS/Bitstream in some DVDP/STB, make sure to change the setting to PCM.
    The digital output sound from the iMac will be decoded via the VLC, the Adapter, or not at all?
    My typical movies are H.264, AAC, 6 channels

  • Crowis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    While we're touching the subject, does anyone know how to turn off the iMac screen while the secondary screen is active? Like when you watch movie through the HDMI. And I mean shut down, not turn down the brightness.
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