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I subscribe to several season passes of television shows. My computer is in for repairs so I'd like to download them directly to my Apple TV since I won't have access to my computer for another week or so. I'm signed into my iTunes Store account on my Apple TV, but when I choose "Check for Downloads" nothing downloads. Am I doing something wrong? How can I get my season passes to download to my Apple TV? Thanks.

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    i think i had a similar situation.. nothing waiting in downloads of appleTV when i had downloaded originally on computer.

    i think i just went to the show and clicked to buy the season pass from the appleTV.. it told me i already had it (i knew it would do this so i wasn't worried i'd get charged twice). then when i went to downloads section it the show showed up in downloads and started to downloads. so i don't know why that worked, but it did.. almost like it needed s nudge to look for the download or something?
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately that didn't work. To clarify, these are TV shows that have not been downloaded on my computer yet, but I know are waiting to be downloaded from the iTunes Store.
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    don't know what to tell you.. my computer was actually still attached so maybe that makes a dif.. but, yup.. that was my situation as well.. the last episode of Season 1 of "V" didn't show up on the appleTV (or computer for that matter). on the appleTV i went to downloads.. nothing... went to the iTunes store on appleTV, clicked buy the episode (yeah, just the episode actually not the season pass.. don't know if that makes dif or not..) it said i already had it.. went back to downloads and it was listed and downloading..

    sorry it didn't work for you.. maybe having the original downloading computer attached makes a diff... some sort of authorization.. something or other.. maybe it was just a fluke? but just did it this weekend?
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    Same here! Season pass for Lie to me. It worked like a charm before on apple TV (before 3.0 OS) , but now I only be able to download it from computer itunes (via sync). If I press check for download NOTHING is showing up, but I 100 % sure that new episode are out (coz I saw them in apple TV - TV show directory).
    So my guess that it may be a problem with the fact that Apple TV is synced to computer's iTunes?
    Buy the way If you press buy a TV show or season pass again it will purchase item again ( I am pretty sure that was not a case before OS 3.0, because I did that trick couple of times and I wasn't charged anything) and you will pay again and again.
    I disappointed in apple more and more each updated they release make things worst (exept for iphone
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    I have noticed this for ALL download.... If you buy from the ATV will only download on your ATV and Vice Versa...

    I bought few movies since 3.0 and if I buy from the ATV I must contact apple store to have them re-added to my account to download on my computer... Even the option "transfer purchases" does not work. If you want to contact the apple store support and explain that there is a problem downloading from the ATV, well, they will make you contact apple support for HW problems... So tell them that there as been an download failure, they are really helpful!

    I have 2 appleTVs, all latest SW same with the iTunes, same problems...
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    ZorrowQuebec wrote:
    I have noticed this for ALL download.... If you buy from the ATV will only download on your ATV and Vice Versa...

    Not for me.

    If I purchase on the tv and don't complete the download, I can download them via itunes instead. All purchases made on the tv transfer to itunes. You clearly have something wrong with your set up.
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    Well, I agree that there must be something wrong, but this happened since 3.0 and, I guess I blamed it on the update.

    Now, I just got used to send an email to iTunes support when the problem arise (not too often, I just took the habit of downloading new shows directly in iTunes) and takes about 12-24 hour to be re-added in my account do be re-downloaded....

    And honestly, I don't know what could be wrong... Troubleshooting is hard too I have to wait to have something to download!