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I Know MacBooks are amazing and everything but I want to know if it's worth the price? I'm getting really upset with my PC because it *****.

Windows XP
  • Martin_UK Level 2 Level 2 (150 points)
    Only you can decide if the cost is worth it, it's not really a decision anyone can make for you or advise on - each person's needs and budget differs.
  • CMCSK Level 6 Level 6 (10,630 points)
    A technical support message board is the worst place to come to know if a computer is "worth the price."

    Do a Google search for user and customer reviews on the model Macbook Pro you would like to purchase.
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    However... if you want to make a comparison... the only other 13" notebook out there similarly constructed is the HP Envy. That machine has similar specs to the MacBook Pro... it does "not" have an optical drive or backlit keyboard... and the starting price is $1,900 vs. the MacBook Pro which starts at about $1,200. The MacBook Pro also has a significantly more powerful CPU starting at 2.26GHz vs. the Envy's 1.86 GHz processor. The Envy's CPU does use less power... but the MacBook's battery more than makes up how long a charge lasts. So... as has been mentioned, only you can decide if it's worth the price... but in comparison to the only product out there that is similar, it is significantly less expensive (and arguably more functional).