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This may be a very stupid question, but I couldn't figure how to add music to my iPhone. I've already ripped some songs through the import in iTunes but I couldn't get the songs to show up in iPhone. I've clicked the Music and clicked on the "Sync Music:" option but I do not want to import everything in my music library. I want to select which file(s) to import. I'm not importing music videos or voice memos. So, what options do I use to import selected files? It looks to me that using iTunes is very limited in functionality. I've come from BlackBerry and all I do is drag and drop and that's it.

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    Have you looked at the iPhone user guide?

    You can download the user guide as a PDF on your computer, and the iPhone includes a Safari bookmark for access to the user guide.

    You have a number of options.

    You can create an iTunes playlist or multiple playlists for select music. After placing the music in the playlist or playlists that you want transferred to your iPhone, choose selected playlists, artists, and genres under the Music tab for your iPhone sync preferences followed by selecting the playlist or playlists in the window below followed by a sync. To remove a song from your iPhone, remove the song from the playlist in iTunes followed by a sync. You can have a single song in more than one playlist if wanted. To transfer additional music to your iPhone, add the music to the desired playlist in iTunes that is selected to be transferred to your iPhone followed by a sync.

    If you don't want to make use of iTunes playlists (not sure why anyone wouldn't), you can leave entire music library selected under the Music tab for your iPhone sync preferences. And under the Summary tab for your iPhone sync preferences, select sync only checked songs and video. Uncheck the songs in your iTunes library that you don't want transferred to your iPhone followed by a sync.

    The sync only checked songs and video also works when transferring select iTunes playlists if you want to remove a song from your iPhone without removing the song from the iTunes playlist. Uncheck the song in the iTunes playlist followed by a sync.

    Or you can manually manage music and videos. Under the Summary tab for your iPhone sync preferences, select manually manage music and videos. Follow this by manually dragging the songs from your iTunes library to your iPhone under Devices in the iTunes source list.

    Using iTunes is not very limited in functionality. Is there only one way to transfer music to a Blackberry - via drag and drop - having to manually drag and drop each song? If so, how limited.
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    Thanks for the response. I just figured it out minutes before reading your response. One biggest limitation with using iTunes to manage my songs is that I will always have to connect my iPhone to a computer to delete any files. I have not get used to iTunes but for me, I already have all my songs organized in folders and sub folders. I don't need to recreate all those playlist to reorganize them again in iTunes. With my previous phone (BB), I can drag them all, selected files, folders or a whole directory if I wanted to. If the file(s) happens to be existed it'll ask if I want to replace or not. It's simple. But again, maybe I have not used to it yet. But as I said before, I'll always have to connect to a machine to delete songs off of my iPhone...that's a real limitation.