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How do I remove the Apple apps that I don't have any use for? I can remove the ones I downloaded but not Apples. I looked all through iTunes as well and can't turn them off there. Is this deliberate?

MBP 17" (first C2D) / iMac 24" (mid 2009) / iPhone 3Gs (32gig), Mac OS X (10.6.1), Life long devotee - Started using Mac's as a lad in the early 80's.
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    You can't remove default apps. Moving them to a last page is what I did to get them out of sight.
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    Thanks for your response regarding this specific part of my issue. That's a pity because I'm an tricky situation.

    I have wound up getting an iPhone contract that has me living in a data roaming area for my mobile provider. This is partly due to insufficient knowledge, lack of education in the matter and partly due to the nature of all services in the remote Australian town I live in. The reason I went with this provider in the first place was due to the limited services I could access that had signal in my home and finance. Incidentally all three of them sell iPhones. The first one's cheapest deal is $100 a month for the contract with a lousy deal. The second has intermittent signal in our home, I may have gone with one of their plans if not for the poor signal. The third, which I went with, a fairly good deal for the cash and the cellular coverage perfect all over the property. I have since found out their roaming data network, which I live in is contracted to the first option which own the monopoly and hence the ridiculous mb charges. Occasionally it connects to the second option, but I get the feeling they are also subcontracting off the first! Anyway...

    So I live in a roaming data area, It's not international roaming so the phone won't protect me from the excessive mb charges. I started out only using general apps when in WI-FI but found intermittent drop outs which I never noticed happen was causing excessive charges. I have since noticed the signal bars for the WI-FI not change but a spinner indicator ,all very easy to miss. I contacted the network and they refuse to turn off my data network; despite a tech telling me it can be done. So until Apple come to the rescue and put in a feature like the no roaming feature that works for all mobile data connections, that are not the ones belonging to the service provider, I'm stuck turning the phone to aeroplane mode before using any app I don't completely trust. I can see Apples difficulty here, but I would settle for turning all data network off, just leaving the cellular network and WI-FI active. As things are I have to turn phone over to aeroplane mode, then turn WI-FI on then use app, then remember to turn the phone back on when finished. Sometimes I forget for a couple of hours. But I trust some apps or sometimes forget to turn the mobile off. Contacts app got me the yesterday; I was at the post office where I looked up an address and accidentally tapped the address on the card and the maps app loaded up. This is followed by mad stumble to close it before it uses data. So easy to do, also happened using the iPod in the car a few days back. While selecting a pod cast I accidentally clicked "Get more episodes…" and safari loaded, Panic!!! Also what makes it worse, is that I can't remove or hide some apps provided by Apple, like Maps, for example, to reduce the risk of accidental tap. Feel very vulnerable! There is also a risk of forgetting to switch the phone to aeroplane mode when I let a friend checkout the phone or just play one of my games.

    So Apple, what are my options? Shelve the phone by leaving phone permanently off turning it into an iPod touch and keep paying through the nose for 2 years? Or Gaol Break so I can make some changes that would help, I read there is a solution to this issue for gaol broken phones, (I'm not sure what impact that would have on my service). But frankly neither of these options I want to follow! I feel trapped!

    Also there is nothing disclosing to me what apps have access to what data port. I would feel better if I could see a true list of what each app has access to. Not just on the phone but also on the app store, information detected and provided by hardware and not submitted by the programmer. No offence to all you GOOD programmers out there, but there are many that can't be trusted. An example of my need for this disclosure, does Remote (apple's iTunes remote) access the data network or just the WI-FI? Of course I would ASUME it only accesses the WI-FI. But reading the support page and description for it left me unsure, and it's this unsure feeling that scares me with this whole situation hanging over me. The home pages and the apps themselves are like a mine field to me. Another simple question reflecting this. Does the weather app regularly check for forecast data, or does it only do it when I open the app? What if I mistakenly click it while my data network is active? Sounds harmless doesn't it? But to me a mistake like that adds around $5 to my bill which is already pushing my budget. It would also be useful to be able to control each apps access privileges independently; but I would settle for a simple setting that has them all prompt me for access to the data network instead of just switching to it when there is a short WI-FI dropout.

    I love the iPhone but I'm starting to feel I chose the wrong product. It has too many fluent network features (imagine saying that!) and it makes too many assumptions about my situation, most of which are wrong. The iPhone is the wrong product for someone who lives where I live and doesn't have basement full of gold! But I am stuck with this contract, what are my options?

    Your's sincerely, life long Apple supporter…
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    ..I can't remove or hide some apps provided by Apple, like Maps, for example, to reduce the risk of accidental tap...

    You can arrange the icons using the itunes program pane and move them around, followed by a sync. Or tap on an icon until it starts to shake and move it to the desired location. Hit the home button to stop the shaking again. The default apps can be moved as well, weather and stocks are on my very last page.
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    Hi, Thank you so much for responding.

    I have moved them around. I have pushed all the ones I don't trust off to the far right. But sometimes I find the home screen located there when I unlock it. On occasion I have found an app running, Which freaks me out a bit.
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    The only app that you should be able to find running is the iPod app, and it will not use any network data. If you are using the mail app and have push turned on, or periodic fetch, that will use data if you are not connected to WiFi. Opening the mail app or contacts will also start a mail fetch and use data. You will only use the data network (if not connected to WiFi) on the Stocks and Weather Apps when you actually open them.

    Does your carrier provide Visual Voice Mail? If yes then the data network will be used when someone leaves you a message.

    As to 3rd party apps as you are correct that you need to check with the developer and see if their app is trying to use the data network.

    If is also a good idea to check when you turn on WiFi that you are actually connected and not just receiving a WiFi signal.

    Give your situation I would keep pursuing the idea of having your provider turn off the data network. Keep going higher up in their bureaucracy until you can reach someone who will help you. Short of doing that you probably are better off canceling your contract if you can and using it as an iPod Touch.
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    Turn the Data Roaming off.
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    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Yea that's been off for a while. I couldn't work out why it didn't protect me for a while. But I have read that international roaming isn't the same as data roaming in this case. I'm not sure exactly why it's different since my carrier is switching the data network to another carriers, whom they are charged a lot for and the buck is passed onto me. That sounds just like international roaming, The only difference I can see technically is what country I am in relation to what country the phone is contracted to. Seems a bit weird to support one part of that and not the other. After is seems the ideas of international roaming off switch is to help prevent huge bills.. So why not car about preventing the huge bills in your own country or state? I would of thought a second switch or an all encompassing switch would do the trick. Surely the phone recognises the phone being switched to another networks hardware? I read the argument was that it only recognises the switch from one type of hardware to another and not say 3g to another 3g network of the same name. which is what's happening to me. But wouldn't their be more differences between the hardware than that? Seems to me if I can't tell the difference then the network would be open to all sorts of abuse. And to track a phone it would need to know what hardware it's connected to for triangulation. etc.

    Anyway it's off but isn't helping at all.
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    Page 143 of the manual:

    "Data Roaming turns on Internet and visual voicemail access over a cellular data
    network when you’re in an area not covered by your carrier’s network. For example,
    when you’re traveling, you can turn off Data Roaming to avoid potential roaming
    charges. By default, Data Roaming is turned off. "

    Don't know if this helps explain it or not.
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    Thanks for your input. I'm thinking I'll try and escalate the issue with my mobile provider. Not sure how they didn't sound like they would be too keen to pass me onto someone higher. I'll try emailing as well.

    Right the iPod runs in background, that was part of my insecurity about background. I just went through roughly 5 years of wimo (various OS versions) and it never had data network. Just never got it to function. Just as well as it turns out. But everything seemed to run in the background. The close button never seemed to turn anything off I had to manually got to a utility to see what was running and turn it off. Enough of that rubbish product.

    Well I have been switching to Aeroplane mode which requires I reconnect to WI-FI when I wan to use an untrusted app, and I can see that it's connecting. I spoke to someone earlier that said it's something to do with the building material in this area. I live in a copper mining region and the 1' thick stone walls contain a lot of something that interferes with many types of signals. But the WI-FI doesn't show low signal when I'm using the phone very often. Sometimes it's down to minimum, but it seems that the drop outs are short and unnoticeable. I never see it happen. Well I saw it drop out for a few minutes once with a spinner. But according to the carriers breakdown of these times when I'm being billed it is happening briefly at times I recall there being strong signal. I should add that I live in a cottage with an Airport extreme and two expresses! But I when ever I check the computers signals only ever log a drop to about3 bars, unless I find an obscure corner or something. The iPhone is the only one reporting the the odd one bar, and that seems fairly persistent when it happens. SO I have little confidence in that reading.

    Perhaps my lack of confidence in the device (hampered by this issue) comes from the wimo device which had endless issues with both technical and design aspects.

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    Thanks for your input. I posted above with some relevant thoughts I'd have in response here.