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Are there and fixes for not waking from sleep. It doesn't matter what I do the Mini will not wake from sleep. This started this morning.


15.4"MBP 2.66 8/09, Mini 2.0 8/09, (2) 24" LED 6/09 - 10/09, 13.3"MBP 2.53 6/09, Mac OS X (10.6.2), TC 1TB DB 8/09, iSight 4/09, iPhone3G Blk-16GB 7/08, (2)5GiPods 30GB 12/05 11/06
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    So I suppose no one but me has experienced this problem?
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    I don't use sleep as a rule. But I have put my Mini to sleep under 10.6.2 and have seen No problem. A couple of things you can try.

    1. Unplug everything except the keyboard, mouse, and display. Does that fix it.

    2. Log in as a different User and see if same problem. (if you don't have second User, create one)
    If no problem, then its maybe something you installed that's causing the problem. If still a problem
    then I guess its a system wide problem, so

    3. backup and install a new system from CD.
    Before Updating Anything, check for the sleep problem. And keep checking after each Update.

    4. Post back your findings.

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    Some basic questions-

    1. Is your Mini really asleep? Look at the front of your mini. Can you verify if the white power indicator is slowly pulsating on and off?

    2. How are you trying to wake the Mini- from a usb keyboard? A mouse? A bluetooth keyboard? A bluetooth mouse? An Apple remote?
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    I'm having this exact same problem. I have a mac mini with the new LED monitor, a wireless keyboard, and magic mouse. The light isn't pulsing though which makes me think it's not actually asleep but the monitor won't come on and pushing the power button once does nothing nor does hitting ESC on the keyboard nor clicking/moving the mouse. I've tried connecting to it remotely as well but it seems to drop off the network when this happens.
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    I have a similar issue. If mac mini goes to sleep, I can't get the monitor (Samsung LCD TV) to come back. I have to log in remotely to reboot the mini. Also, the TV has to be on when I boot, or I can't get the monitor to work. In both cases, the mini wakes up, but there is no display.

    Any ideas?
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    What was the solution? Re-installing the operating system? I am running into the same problems listed here. Using my mini as a media center.
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    Ok, I've got this problem too. 1.66 mini connected to Sony Bravia as media center. I tried setting it to not go to sleep but no change. When I come back to the setup hours later, I can't get the Sony to recognize the mini. The tv has been turned off, then usually used for cable etc. But switching the connection back to the mini does not pull up the video from the mini. The mini is not crashed or asleep because I can remote in with Apple Remote Desktop and do all kinds of things. A reboot seems to be the only thing that fixes it (temporarily).
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    I recently bought a used MacBook Pro 15 (late 2006). It had the same problem and I think I figured it out. My theory is that it was an overheating problem. What clued me was the two times I thought I had fixed it by uninstalling something, it was also dead cold when I started it up. I thought the culprits might be DimDim Webmeeting (screen sharing software) or Missing Sync, but the problem eventually recurred after I uninstalled those. My computer was on a wood table with a tablecloth on it. Since I hauled out the old Podium Pad (which has pegs that lift the computer off the table about an inch and a half and tilt it slightly) the problem hasn't recurred (after a couple of additional logouts and shutdowns and restarts.)

    The guy at the Apple store explained that if the little light on the front is not pulsing, the computer hasn't finished going to sleep - it's still trying to write the contents of memory to the disk. He suggested some plug-in somewhere was not playing nice which is why I tried uninstalling those things. I haven't tried the Webmeeting thing again, but Missing Sync is back on and working.

    In my case the "won't wake from sleep" problem was always accompanied by also being unable to connect to my external backup drive on Firewire, and was characterized also by long periods (minutes) of blue screen upon startup and shutdown. When sleep and firewire were working, that only took ten or twenty seconds. So try setting your computer up on some coffee mugs or turning down the heat in the house!