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    Yes, seems that uninstalling SpiceRack it backs to work. Waiting for a fix. Thanks
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    I am using LION now... and I've noticed that when Safari is loaded the bar that has the RED, YELLOW and GREEN circles (I think its referred to as the TITLE BAR) has what I think is a new feature that allows users to expand to full screen.


    • You can see it in this screen snapshot [in the gray area next to the little lock symbol.]


    So when you click on the arrows symbol, it EXPANDS to full screen and the TITLE BAR disappears. 

    HERE'S WHAT I DO: when I want to use Safari in full screen and still have the TITLE BAR, I RE-CLICK on the arrows symbol, Safari shrinks back to normal size, and if I want to expand it for a better view AND STILL HAVE THE MENU BAR, I just grab the corner of the Safari window (bottom lower corner) and stretch it to a size that I am comfortable with.This technique works for me; its the ONLY work-around I've found that works. 



    (1) Would be nice to have the OPTION to KEEP the MENU BAR when the symbol above is clicked!

    (2)  Apple - please update the HELP menu in Safari on this TOPIC because I could find nothing to help users figure this out.


    OK - for now, I wanted to share my story with everyone; perhaps when others respond back I'll learn something myself.

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    Sorry, it appears that even though the reply box has a camera allowing pics to be imported, they don't show up when you add reply. ???

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    Actually, I have found a workaround that works for me.


    When the top title bar, (apple, file, view, bookmarks, etc.) disappears, the only way I can get it back is to reboot.  Hold down Control and F12 to get a dialog to restart.


    Then, when you can access your bookmark command again, chose "show all bookmarks".   This gives you a separate window in Safari that shows you all your bookmarks, and that you can minimized to stay on the dock.  This allows you to do two things that will be the majority of what you want from your toolbar.  One, it obviously gives you access to your bookmarks, and two, it allows you to open new windows, just chose any bookmark and chose "open in a new window".  This does almost everything I want to do from the apple menu during a browsing session.

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    Actually, I think I have found a preventive fix for the disappearing top toolbar.  When I push my cursor up above the top of my display and click it, I see the drop down menus of the toolbars appear, such as the drop down menus of file, view, etc.


    So I know it is there, it is just that my display is (sometimes) not showing the whole top of the display so I can view them.


    So I went to Applications-System Preferences-Display and changed the resolution settings.  My display is rated at a display rate of 1280 X 1024, which is what it was set on.  I reset it to the next lower vertical setting, which was 1152 X 870.


    Vola, this seems to have solved my problem.  Several days of no disappearing top menu, while before, numerous times per day.. Cross my fingers, and hope this helps.

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    Hi there,


    I was experiencing the same problem with the disappearing toolbar for months. And I couldn't reactivate it via the menue. Tried to delete files in the .plist lists, re-installing, delete the Safari folder in the Library, etc. etc. etc. Finally the solution was quite easy. UNINSTALL COSMOPOD worked perfectly with me.


    I downloaded the installation package for cosmopod again, launched the cosmopod installer and selected the unistall option. Bang! Worked ... and will keep my fingers aways from nasty add ons in the future ...


    Hope this helps

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    PS: I had to go to scroll down window from the menu bar to find out, that cosmopod was installed.

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    I think I figured it out, however, I'm not sure I can explain in by writing it down.   I too thought I was in full screen mode and clicking the blue arrows just made things worse. I have discovered however, that I was not in full screen mode, I had just stretched out the window manually, making it fit side to side and within the toolbar space and the dashboard.    So, quick answer, click the blue arrows to take it out of full screen.  Grab the bottom corner of the window and stretch it out.  Easy Peasy.

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    Help..I too have lost the Safari toolbar on my iMac . Instead I just have the google one. I went on line yesterday and went into google maps to check a route and since then my safari toolbar has gone. I realise it must be somewhere in the background but I can't find it at all. Any suggestions bearing in mind I'm a bit of a noviice on the mac so simplicity would be good

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    Dear WL49..that was the answer...I had accidentally stretched the window.  I clicked on the blue arrows and then, when it was small, manually used the corner to make it the right size displaying the toolbar..Thank you.

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    right click on the expand all double arrow on top right and unclick "hide toolbar"

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    THANK YOU!  The exact same thing happened to me (newbie Mac girl) yesterday afternoon.  I must have been just clicking away and hid it by happenstance.  Your suggestion worked!

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    I think this is a problem with Safari's Full Screen mode: It sometimes, inconsistently, does not switch off its menu-hiding and dock-hiding algorithms when it is not in full-screen mode. (And I am not running Spicerack ).


    Quit and Relaunch Safari is a workaround, but now I cannot reproduce this hiccup. I am running Safari 6.0.2 and OS X 10.8.2 on my retina display 15" MBP. Here is what seems to be happening with this "glitch".


    • Safari is active (i.e., is the foreground App) but not in full-screen mode - Safari's selected (in Safari > View > ....) Toolbar(s) and scrollbars are visible (System Preferences > General > Show Scroll bars > [Always].

    • Safari's Menu Bar is hidden.

    • The Dock is also hidden.


    To emphasize - when not in full screen mode - Safari's Menu Bar and the Finder's Dock are hidden. I can reveal the Safari Menu Bar by moving the cursor's hot-spot (i.e., the tip of the arrow) to any point on the top edge of the display - this causes the Safari Menu Bar to drop down and become active again; also the Dock icons reappear (at the bottom of the display); and when I move the cursor away from the top of the screen, the menu bar and Dock become hidden again.


    I note that this appears to be normal behaviour in Safari's "full screen mode". Except that, in full screen mode, the Dock remains hidden when the Menu Bar is revealed as described above. IMO this is a bug.

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    What worked for me is getting out of full screen mode.  Under View in Safari, exit full screen. Then the menu bar comes back. Don't know why you should have to, but there it is.

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    I went to the VIEW drop down and clicked on SHOW TOOLBAR problem solved for me. robtal