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So I bought this beautiful new Magic Mouse for my Windows laptop after reading on the Internet it was compatible.

Now after trying for an hour, it turns out the mouse just won't connect to my laptop. I have a Bluetooth USB-dongle plugged into my laptop, but Windblows cannot find the Apple mouse.

And before you give me an answer, yes I've downloaded and installed these drivers on this website: http://uneasysilence.com/archive/2009/11/14588/

Shall I return the mouse or do you have a working solution for me?

Bluetooth drivers are up to date.

Windows 7
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    Hey, bought the mouse for my mac and use it on my windows side successfully.

    On windows 7, when you go into the bluetooth connect screen and it finds the mouse, right click it and go into properties. Select, "use drivers for keyboards/mice". Then connect, and it works .

    Note: If you don't check the box it will try to connect forever and never successfully do so

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