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I accidently tripped on my speaker cord that was plugged in my mac and half of my jack is stuck in the port. I read almost every google search result and tried all the suggestions, all they left me with was glue in the port and still no sound. I dont have any warranty left and theirs no apple stores near by here does anyone know what to do? I need sound so i can make music i kind of rely on it... And im not computer savvy at all so suggesting opening this thing up is like letting a monkey drive u to the hospital. Am i screwed?

macbook pro, it *****...
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    It seems to me that if you rely on your machine, need the audio port and have tried everything else the only thing left is to take it in for service.
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    No Apple stores near you in California, lljljldjflafjlk ! You must be a long way out of town!

    I see in a post made a few minutes before this one (your very first on the boards! Welcome!), you say:
    Im about to break this damb thing.... my spacebar and delete buttons stop working about every 30 seconds and only start working when i start punching on random keys. And this started happening this week. I hope someone gets a solution for this cause i think my applecare warranty thing is up.
    It took me 10 minutes to write this little paragraph, im gonna end up throwing this computer at the wall and buying a diff brand laptop. This s**t is RIDONKULUS

    Sounds like you may have already broken "this damb {sic} thing" when you tripped and ripped out the speaker cord! It would have been a good idea if you had pointed out the physical accidental damage you had caused in the other thread, posted just 13 minutes earlier, and which presumably sent the computer cascading to the floor. Doing so might save people wasting their time trying to find other explanations for your alleged keyboard and trackpad problems!

    If you really own a Mac which has been subject to this sort of treatment you should pretty obviously head to a dealer to see what they can salvage from the damage you have inflicted, but, if you want help here, you need to provide more honest information to people than you did in the other thread. If not, I'm sure you will feel far more at home, and find yourself in the company of equally "RIDONKULUS" kindred souls, at http://wehatemacs.com/en-uk/index.php or the like.

    Bye, bye!

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    If the problem is only a broken audio port, an alternative to paying to repair your Mac would be a USB audio output device such as the Griffin iMic. That would be much cheaper, I'm sure, than paying for repair (especially since you apparently got glue in the audio port rendering it unrepairable and hence probably requiring replacement of the logic board).

    If, though, the system was further damaged by the drop, as mentioned in the now-removed complaint which Rod quoted from, then you have no alternative other than to send the system in for repair, to Apple or one of the several authorized Apple service centers. The repair is unlikely to be inexpensive, but you might get lucky.

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    Rod Hagen wrote:
    No Apple stores near you in California, lljljldjflafjlk ! You must be a long way out of town!

    Not much Apple Retail in Mojave Desert as far as I know.
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    Noo i didnt drop the computer or anything like that i just tripped on the cord and it split off. As for the other problem i have with my spacebar, trackpad and delete button going unresponsive that has nothing to do with it, i wasn't serious when i said i was going to throw my computer at the wall. Anyway thanks for the answers i didnt think their was as easy solution i guess im gonna have to drive 1 1/2 hours to the apple store.. I didnt think people where that sensitive on this site i cant say "ridonkulus" without getting my first post deleted haha, when you pay over 2k for a computer i expect flawlessness and my buttons to not stop working for no apparent reason. I think its from that stupid update.
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    I didnt think people where that sensitive on this site i cant say "ridonkulus" without getting my first post deleted

    More likely it was that other word you attempted to use. Plus the general appearance of a rant.

    As to your spacebar and trackpad problems, I'd suggest you start a new topic on that issue, this time avoiding any complaining, detailing the problem and what steps you've tried to attempt to solve the problem. Perhaps someone can help you out and save you a trip to the Apple Store.
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    Well i censored it myself with the ** things... Anyway it wasnt a "rant" i was trying to see if anybody had a legitimate solution. My other problem with the keys theirs already a thread which somebody pointed out my post earlier... So if i make another one im pretty sure it will raise some more hairs around here. This thread seems to be going in circles im gonna leave it alone.