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I'm very surprised that Apple have not implemented a multiple profile setting within iTunes. My daughters use my iTunes library for their ipods and I use it for my iPhone. It is increasingly frustrating that they sit and check all their tracks and sync up and then I have to go in and check my tracks and apps for my iPhone.
A simple thing like syncing that should take no more than 5 minutes is now an hour task for us all.
Has anyone discovered an easy way of doing this or even a simple way to just display checked tracks to save the mindless task of scrolling through my 10000 track library

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    Why don't you and your daughters use playlists? It's simple to set up playlists that include each individual's preferred music and each device can be set to sync only selected playlists. That would keep each user happy without the tedium of checking and unchecking music.

    If you haven't used playlists, here is a how-to video: http://www.apple.com/itunes/how-to/#video-playlists

    FYI: To check or uncheck all boxes on a PC with one click, hold down the Control (ctrl) key and click on one of the checkboxes with the mouse. You can use this in the library, a playlist or in search results.

    To check or uncheck all boxes on a Mac with one click, hold down the Command (cmd) key and click on one of the checkboxes with the mouse.
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    Another option might be separate user logins with their own libraries?

    Colin R.
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    *How to use multiple iPods with one computer*
    The Apple support document How to use multiple iPods with one computer suggests a number of ways. I use method two (Sync with selected playlists) with a slight twist. Rather than regular playlists I set the grouping field to indicate which users should receive which tracks and create smart playlists based on the content of this field.

    "Alice's Tracks" is "Grouping contains Alice" + "Kind contains audio"
    "Bob's Videos" is "Grouping contains Bob" + "Kind does not contain audio"
    Tracks that both Alice & Bob want on their iPods have the grouping set to "Alice/Bob"

    I currently manage our family's five iPods and an iPhone using this system, each getting a different selection to suit their tastes and the capacity of their iPod. An advantage of using the grouping field is that it is stored in file tags (for non-wav audio files anyway) so that it is relatively easy to recreate the playlists should the iTunes library get trashed. Also useful if you move files about manually as playlist membership is preserved when you delete & re-import the tracks.

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    I'm with OP on this one. I am considering plopping several hundred dollars down for another new ipod but I'm downsizing to 1 computer. I don't really use playlists as others have suggested. It would be very simple to have multiple tabs, one for each profile. When you add a CD to your library, it ought to appear in each profile but be checkable as is the current setup.

    Apple, listen up! I am waiting for this one feature before I double what I've already spent on your wonderful little devices. Make it so and you will get money, simple as that.