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Hello everyone,

I recently discovered the Mac products and I am very happy except for the iPod Shuffle. In fact I have a big problem sync with my two Shuffle 2G.
When I plugged into the dock they are both recognized in itunes but when I try to sync with a playlist that I created or even drag a title from my library above is impossible. Itunes syncing notify me (for a very long time) with the iPod but nothing happens. The iPod remains desperately empty. So I used the restore utility provided by Apple (the one you download from the support page of the Apple site because the restore button freezes itunes itunes for a long time without anything to do). After restoring the iPod is detected and then I can add music directly by adding a random from the library. But then can not change what I said (I can not resynchronize or simply drag a title).

I confess to being lost, for information I am running Windows XP and iTunes 9.2, if someone can help me thank you in advance.

Dell, Windows XP Pro, Unknown