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I am having trouble setting up a web cam for my emac. I purchased a Logitch Pro 9000. I tried a different cam last week but it gave intermittent video signal for Skype. Any ideas on how to get a web cam to work with my computer so I can Skype?

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    How much RAM do you have in your eMac? I've used a Vue HD Webcam on my 1.42 GHz eMac with 1 GB RAM and it was pretty reliable.

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    The older eMac would probably do OK with a FireWire
    web cam, such as the iSight; a suitable OS X version
    should have the drivers inside, or software included in
    the packaging with the original iSight external camera
    should have drivers for use in the systems so lacking.

    Whether or not USB web cams would work, depends
    on if you can find an older USB1.1 with 12MBit/s data
    specification; eMacs before April 2004 were USB1.1.
    And the question of drivers arises again, in that case.

    A few shareware web cam drivers for Mac OS X are
    available (unknown quality) from www.ioxperts.com/
    http://www.ioxperts.com/dcam.html - firewire
    http://www.ioxperts.com/products/webcamx.html - usb

    Some other ideas of reference may be found here:
    ' Mac OS X firewire web cam ' - google search result:

    Good luck & happy computing!
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    Ry1a2n wrote:
    I am having trouble setting up a web cam for my emac. I purchased a Logitch Pro 9000. I tried a different cam last week but it gave intermittent video signal for Skype. Any ideas on how to get a web cam to work with my computer so I can Skype?

    Welcome to Discussions, Ry1a2n

    (0) If your Logitech Pro 9000 model is one of the part numbers shown in this Logitech page:


    it should Skype with your Mac (or any Mac running OS X 10.4.9 or later) without any additional drivers.

    For more info about camera compatibility with OS X see


        - and -


    (1) Intermittent video problems make me wonder if your internet connection (or that of your Skype contact) might be causing the problem. Be sure your connection is working properly and meets System Requirements for your Skype version. If you are using a wireless internet connection, test to be sure you are not experiencing intermittent interference buy connecting your Mac via ethernet. Then try Skype again and see if the problem disappears. Consider this possibility at the other end of your Skype connection, too.

    (2) In addition to the camera and internet connection, your Mac's software and OS X maintenance can also effect video quality, so be sure you are using the latest version of Skype and that your Mac is working well. Do you run your Mac all the time? If you shut it down or put it to sleep at night, do you regularly perform background Maintenance tasks as suggested here?


    (3) If your Mac is working well on all functions other than those with your webcam, when you have the latest software, try the suggestions in


    Although the suggestions there are specifically directed at iSight, because you are using a UVC webcam with a Mac OS version later than 10.4.8, you can use the built-in iSight suggestions there to help you with your troubleshooting.

    If your webcam fails with apps other than Skype or in some user accounts but not others, you need to work on your Mac, and we can help you here if you need more suggestions. Please post back the specifics of what you find during troubleshooting, and clarify which Mac and software is giving the problem. We will offer specifics based on the details you provide.

    (4) However, if your webcam works in every user account you test with every app you test except Skype, your problem is "Skype-specific." In that case, the Skype developers or users should be able to give you the best Skype-specific help on how to make Skype work your Mac. Click on the colored links in the following paragraphs if you have not already considered these suggestions or need help finding them.

    (5) If you are still having Skype-specific problems after considering everything above, and if you do not get the answers you need here, search or post in the dedicated Skype forum for Mac video . The Mac/Skype users there may behave already solved your problem on their own systems.

    (6) If these suggestions and your search in the Skype help pages fail, you can Submit a support request directly to Skype's technical support staff for email help from the people who make Skype work.

    EZ Jim

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