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I have a Korg Triton that is connected to my computer using Logic via MIDI. My computer recognizes the MIDI connection. When I press a key, it registers in logic. However, I have songs pre-recorded in the Korg Triton. Is there a way to press play on my keyboard and have all of the tracks record into logic?

I greatly appreciate the help

Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    You have to insert a channel splitter in the environment to split up the Tritons Midi Channels. Then select "demix by channel" in Projects Prefs->Recording->Midi
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    Thanks, I did that, but when I play a song through my keyboard the instruments change.

    What I am ultimately trying to do is be able to transfer songs from my keyboard to the computer and be able to bounce them into iTunes. However, I heard that you cannot bounce the MIDI data from an external synthesizer. What's the best way to get songs from a keyboard into your computer (at high quality) and be able to make them into mp3s?
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    I have a similar setup, and I'd also like to know if there is a way to play/listen/record to Triton sounds.

    This is what I've done so far...

    Recording the sound is easy...Create 2 Audio channel strips (left and right) > run audio cable from Triton to Audio/Digital interface to computer In > start recording > play Triton. This results in what is essentially a 2-channel stereo mix, which is also what ends up getting bounced. Unfortunately all the sounds are together and can't be separated by individual track.

    T get the MIDI, I bought an external 3.5 floppy drive with USB. Save the song to the floppy inside the Triton as a .MID file > then put floppy in the external drive > save on computer > drag and drop in Logic. This results in all the MIDI tracks being separated and editable, but using sounds from Logic's software instruments.

    There must be a way to marry the two and be able to edit the MIDI notes and have the sounds be the Triton's, can someone else please further us?
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    Have you created a Multi Instrument object in Logic's environment for Triton and have enabled the sub-channels?

    Briefly....If yes ,and you are using Triton's Sequencer you need to set the MIDI ports in Triton's Sequencer set-up/track set-up in the menu..(check the manual)

    If you go to the *Audio MIDI setup* (Applications>Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup.app) in the MIDI tab >select the info button on the Triton icon and enable all the channels that receives and transmits.

    You create tracks in the Arrange and if you have selected the correct MIDI channels you should be able to record each individual track from your Triton's sequencer.

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    Hey guys,

    we transfer songs from Tritons into logic all day long for years.

    get yourself a usb floppy disk drive (yes, you heard me!) and plug it into your mac.

    save the song as a midi file onto floppy with the Triton and copy the midi file to your mac.

    you can either create the instrument tracks in logic first (so logic doesn't load instruments for you) or just drop the midi file into your arrangement.

    there's always a little cleaning up to do, like removing program and volume info from the midi regions (which is why the instruments change when you play back from your Triton into logic.)

    We often find that the midi regions go on forever on the arrange page, but obviously, we just cut them off.

    enjoy having your Triton songs in logic, with all the new sounds at your disposal...