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By much effort I had entered names and phone numbers manually into the iPhone and it has functioned well for a long time but yesterday evening everything is gone!
I have not have the phone plugged into iTunes or anything else and I have not the contact list synched with any mail account. It was just all gone by a sudden when I should make a call!
What can I do to retrieve?

I have a 3 weeks old backup on iTunes.
Is that the only way to retrieve phone numbers and names?
Do I then loose everything from the phone of recent info which is not on the backup or can I get just the contact list from "somewhere" without any dramatic restore-action...?

I had a two month test subcription to Mobile Me but I did not renew the day before yesterday by paying Mobile Me to get a one year subscription.
Was perhaps my contact list stored on Mobile Me without me knowing about it and when I did not pay then I lost the list? (I have "push" active on my phone).

I hope someone is able to give me an advice so I dont have to manually start again adding name by name and number by number (more than 150 contacts....)and of course I worry that something again can cause me missing everything again.

A lot of thanks and smiles to the one who will and can help me

Dell Studio 1555, Windows 7