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By much effort I had entered names and phone numbers manually into the iPhone and it has functioned well for a long time but yesterday evening everything is gone!
I have not have the phone plugged into iTunes or anything else and I have not the contact list synched with any mail account. It was just all gone by a sudden when I should make a call!
What can I do to retrieve?

I have a 3 weeks old backup on iTunes.
Is that the only way to retrieve phone numbers and names?
Do I then loose everything from the phone of recent info which is not on the backup or can I get just the contact list from "somewhere" without any dramatic restore-action...?

I had a two month test subcription to Mobile Me but I did not renew the day before yesterday by paying Mobile Me to get a one year subscription.
Was perhaps my contact list stored on Mobile Me without me knowing about it and when I did not pay then I lost the list? (I have "push" active on my phone).

I hope someone is able to give me an advice so I dont have to manually start again adding name by name and number by number (more than 150 contacts....)and of course I worry that something again can cause me missing everything again.

A lot of thanks and smiles to the one who will and can help me

Dell Studio 1555, Windows 7
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    Is it possible that you have some "groups" on your phone that are empty? If so, you may have one of those groups selected when viewing your contacts.

    Make sure you have "All Contacts" selected when you view your contacts...

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    No, sorry....
    all contacts as well as groups are gone ..... uhuuuuu ....
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    Sorry, but I can't offer any other ideas. I don't have a mobile me account, so I don't know how that interfaces with the contact list.

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    Ok, thank you Bob for trying to help me. It is a very bad problem to have a missing contact list on a phone ....

    Someone else capable to try to solve this problem for me ?
    (Still many thanks and smiles to the one having the solution ... )

    I am still very suspicious to Mobile Me... Perhaps I should just pay a one year subscription and then perhaps Apple will "give back to me" my contacts list
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    This is still unanswered. I know that MobileMe has my contact list but is it really necessary to have an account there to make sure that I have a safe backup of all my contacts in case something goes very very much wrong?