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Whenever I plug my Iphone into the USB, I get an instant reboot.

Windows XP pro SP3

If I uninstall Itunes, the phone is recognized by Windows and no crashes occur. With Itunes installed, as soon as I plug in my Iphone...the computer reboots.

This is a fresh xp install, all drivers are up to date.

I ran the diagnostics on Itunes, and of course..I can't plug in my Iphone to check connectivity. As soon as I do, it causes a reboot.

Ran Apple Software update and nothing else is available for download.

PC, Windows XP Pro
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    Got any logitech camera software installed? I.E., web cam software? If so, try disabling it or uninstalling it. Also, check logitech's web site for updated drivers. This is a known issue with their camera software.
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    Negative..no logitech at all. No camera software installed.
    Like I've said, this is a fresh/up to date install. Nothing extra...
    Windows XP pro and related up to date drivers to run my USB, sound, video card, ethernet..etc and Itunes.

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    Well, any outdated software drivers on your computer can cause strange behaviors when syncing the computer with your iPhone. Make sure all are up to date. Lexmark scanners, and some built-in media card reader drivers on the computer can also cause this issue.

    Isolate the issue to see if there is a USB conflict by disconnecting other USB devices connected to the computer such as a printer, digital camera, scanner, etc.

    Try connecting the iPhone to a different USB port or connect directly to the PC if using an external USB hub.
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    OK, thanks for your help.

    Uninstalled printer..which was the only "device" that was installed. Rebooted on me again.
    Tried every single USB port I have...nope..still rebooted

    Now i'm down to no printer, only windows with no other programs installed but Itunes, 1 usb mouse and 1 usb keeboard.

    Double checked my drivers for all components...keyboard, mouse, sound, video, ethernet, usb.

    Still rebooting. I'm beginning to think this is an APPLE software problem
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    Any photos in your camera roll on the phone? More importantly, any that were emailed to you or downloaded through safari? If so, try deleting them.

    Also, read through this article to verify that the iphone driver/service are installed properly:


    Also, I don't use windows, so don't know exactly what image capture program is used in XP, but try making sure that whatever program that is is set to do nothing when a camera is attached.