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I have an 3GS and have this reoccuring since I had it where I call a person and the call connects but I never hear it ring or hear them at the other end. When I look at the display it shows the call connected and the timer going up but no sound. The same happens if they ring me, my phone rings but when I answer I can't hear anything and nor can they.

The problem is very intermittent, usually happens around 1 in 20 calls.

I have tried switching to loud speaker and back to normal and this doesn't work.

I have also tried using bluetooth headset but this still doesn't work.

I took the phone back to the genisus bar who swapped out the handset for a new phone.

I set this up again from scratch (no restore in iTunes) and its been fine for about 4 days and then the same happened again.

Tried putting the phone in flight mode and then back, same happened.

It wasn't resolved until I rebooted the phone!

It doesn't happen all the time but prob 1 in 20 calls. If I reboot the phone the problem goes away for a while.

Does any one else experience this issue? Any ideas?


Dell XPS 420, Windows Vista
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    This appears to be a network issue you have occurring. Sometimes there are issues with the network communicating between your phone and the tower. If it happened on every single call I would be worried. But the fact that it is an intermittent problem leads me to believe the issue lies with the network. The reason it most likely starts to work again after you restart your phone is because the phone is forced to search for a signal and re-communicate with the network thus solving the issue for the time being. There doesn't seem to be a work around for this. This is just a common problem as being a cellphone user in an overcrowded network.