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This machine came´s with 10.6.1, but we are trying to replace 60+ older portables and actually have more than 500+ deployed, the company´s software is really an issue and the new Snow doesn´t allow to run certain apps that are "critical" to the company´s executives, does anyone knows if there are possibilities to downgrade, installing 10.5.8 into another "similar" machine, e.j. MB Alluminium that came with 10.5.7 and "cloning" the resulting HD into a the new MacBook White.

MacBook White Unibody, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    The newer machine will not function correctly with the operating system that is older than the one installed when it was released. See [this Apple knowledge base article|http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2186] for more information.

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    does anyone knows if there are possibilities to downgrade

    Can't do it. Leopard does not have the necessary hardware support for new computers.
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    Absolutely NOT true. I have just booted from and then cloned over a 10.5.8 OS from an external hard drive to a 2.26 MacBook UniBody (Late 2009.) The MB works with this OS, along with all factory-installed apps.

    There are two things that do not work correctly on this particular model MB however (thus lending credence to the claim of lack of hardware support.) These things are: [1] the keyboard control of screen brightness (and the corresponding System Preference) does not work -- although the default screen brightness is fine; and, [2] the volume keyboard control keys (and the corresponding System Preference) does not work. Obviously, this is more serious of a deficit, but I can imagine certain people out there who could live without any sound emanating from their MacBook.
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    Are you sure everything thing is working correctly?...things like the correct speed for the system fan?

    Are you sure that the OS won't degrade over time as glitches in the software develop while it deals with somewhat unfamiliar hardware...it is a bad idea...