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How can I order Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (US Layout) online from Apple Store Italy? I already own a Macbook Pro purchased from Italian online store with US layout, but only International English (not US) layout is available for this keyboard.

Any ideas?

MacBook5,1, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    exalted, I feel for you.

    Little over half a year ago I've also tried everything possible to get a standard US qwerty Apple keyboard here in Belgium as it's unavailable in any of Apple's european online stores. No certified reseller or even calling the Apple store support line helped. No-one was capable of shipping/selling this most trivial thing to me. How difficult can it be to order a US keyboard and have it sent to you, when you're calling the company's own store support line is beyond me to be honest. What's even stranger is that you can perfectly order an iMac with a standard US keyboard in Belgium. Or in your case, Italy. You can also (as it seems you and I did) order US qwerty MacBooks. Just no stand-alone US keyboards.

    As I work for a company and the bookkeeping (VAT and such) kind of needs to match I couldn't just order it from USA and have it ship to someone I know there, who'd then transfer it to me.

    All you can do is figure out when relatives/friends/colleagues are going to buy an iMac. Ask them to order it with a US qwerty keyboard and when they get their computer you just buy them their "local" keyboard off the shelf. Have them put your company's name/VAT on the invoice, swap keyboards and there you go. It currently is the only way.

    Hoping to raise awareness to this rather ridiculous Apple inconsistency,

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    I couldn't agree with you more. That's sad... I guess I'll ask a friend of mine to ship it to me from US, I hope they won't charge me for taxes on border.
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    Same problem here. I moved from the US to the UK with my US MacBook. I want to (occasionally) use a Bluetooth Keyboard with it at home, but don't want to switch layouts twice a day...

    The UK Apple store allows you to buy virtually ANY layout (Russian, Swiss, you name it), but not US Int'l. And as Jeroen pointed out, there's no third party stores who carry it. If anyone has a solution other than having someone in the US send you one by mail, please let me know!
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    I just got off the phone with a Belgian Apple Store sales representative. We need another US qwerty keyboard for a colleague who started working here not so long ago so I tried to get hold of a keyboard again, maybe their policy had changed over time. The sales rep told me again that it's impossible to order the (standard) US qwerty keyboard in Europe because there is "very little demand" for it and the keyboards are ordered in batch.

    How can there be less demand for a standard qwerty keyboard in Belgium than for a Russian, Norwegian, Swiss, Portuguese or Swedish one? All of these, and more, are readily available, but not the US one.

    Hoping to see this corrected soon...
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    Continuous "whining" helps it seems. As a last resort I mailed Mr. Jobs himself last Friday and today, Monday, the "English (USA)" keyboards have appeared as the newest items added to the Mice & Keyboards section of the Online Stores throughout Europe.

    Standard US qwerty keyboards can now be ordered. Rejoice!
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    As I was about to do the same thing, I luckily first Googled this topic once more…
    Thanks, Yaroon, for whining
    Thanks, Steve, for listening!