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Every time I try to publish my site it crashes with this code "IWeb qui unexpectedly while using the SF word processing plugin. Any idea of what this means or how to fix it?

imac, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • Alancito Level 6 Level 6 (11,075 points)
    This Apple doc may help:

    _iWeb & iWork: Applications may suddenly quit after updating to Mac OS X v10.6.2_

    If the problem persists, let me... Well, see for yourself by clicking HERE.

     ~ Alancito
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    Hi there,

    I had this problem and it was driving me absolutely nuts! I couldn't publish anything, and it brought all my websites to a standstill. Anyway, *here's how I fixed my problem*. First let me tell you what my problem was:

    I exported some pages from "Delicious Library" to be published to my iWeb. This pages turned out to be CRAPPY, and every time you touched these pages, or even went near them, iWeb would crash.

    What I did was create a new site in iWeb, and click&dragged all of my GOOD pages to this new site. I even gave it the same name as the site that is used to be. Then, what I had left was my old site, filled with all the CRAPPY pages. All I had to do from there was delete that entire site, thus leaving all my good stuff behind.

    It was time consuming, but hey, I'm back in business. Sorry for the lengthy response.