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Hi. I am using the Airport Extreme 802.11n and hoping to get my Canon MP610 to print wirelessly. I have:

1. set it up as instructed in the tutorial video (turned on Printer Sharing in System Preferences, etc.)
2. tried the suggestions on Apple's troubleshooting page (specific order of powering off airport and printer and reconnecting)
3. downloaded the latest scanner and printer drivers on Canon's site (these are supposed to be compatible with OS X 10.6)
4. restarted my computer at various stages during these steps.

The printer shows up in the Print & Fax window of System Preferences, and when I print I see the job go to the printer's queue, but then nothing will print because I get an error message saying "printer is offline." My printer is on and connected via USB to my Airport, so I don't really know why it says that.

Any suggestions of how to fix this?

Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,334 points)
    If you've previously installed the MP610 on your computer, you actually have two locations for the printer. One is at your computer and the other at the AirPort Extreme (AEBS).

    When you open a document to print, you have to select which location the MP610 is currently located at.

    If no luck, try powering down your complete network. Then power up modem first for a few minutes, then AEBS for few minutes, then your computers.

    Any luck?

    If not, try the "reset printing system" tip on the troubleshooting guide if you have not already done this.

    Bear in mind that only the printing function will work when the MP610 is attached to the AEBS. If you want to scan, fax, copy, etc., the MP 610 will need to be connected to your computer.
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    Easily solved; thanks Bob. All I had to do was just change the location of my printer in the print dialog box that pops up when I print.