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I have had my ipod for a while now and have never had a problem. About a week ago, connected it to my work computer to charge. The computer had trouble recognizing it, but then after I restarted the ipod, it charged completely. That evening, I connected the ipod earbuds and tried to listen. It sounded terrible. Kind of like it was playing in a tin can with one side of the headphones being slightly louder than the other. The next day, I tried a different pair of headphones. Same kind of sound. So, I try to connect it to my home computer to sync it with itunes, and now it won't respond at all. I tried to restart it, but that didn't work. It has now run dead, and the computer won't charge it b/c it won't recognize it. Does this sound like the battery? I am not sure b/c it held a charge for a while, and would the battery affect the sound?
Anyway, thanks for any help at all you can give me with this.

Windows XP