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i recently acquired a mac pro 2008, 8-core 2.8. with the help of an atto r348 and a a kit from maxupgrades, i put in 6x1.5tb seagate barracudas raid 5, 2x250 es.2 raid 0. i also have 32gb ram from transintl, a evga geforce 285. originally i went with a a highpoint 4320, but it is not compatible with snow leopard, so i had to rma it with a hefty restock fee. then one of the seagates died during initializing the raid. now the gtx is dead. while waiting to get a new raid card, everything went passed it's time for a quick replacement from apple or newegg. evga wants to know if it's because there isn't enough power going to the card. they are trying to figure out a way to say i broke the card. supposedly all my calculations are way off and when the raid initialized and spun up together the card was fried.

is there an app where i can monitor the power?

how much power is coming from the 2x6 pin connector?

is there a way to get more power in there?

if i change the raid to a staggered spin up, does that effect performance and do i have to rebuild the raid?

i also wanted to use a maxflow ram fan from maxupgrades but didn't have anywhere to plug it in. and i want to put in an airport card. so i'm really pushing it on power.

also, if i do need to go and get an extra power source, anyone have any suggestions for a fan for the hdd's in the optical bay?

i promise this is the last build i try to cram this much inside of a tower.

mac pro 2.8x8, Mac OS X (10.6.2)