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I purchased a new 27-inch iMac on November 26 and have had no flickering screen problems, or any other problems at all. It does have the ATI Radeon HD 4850 video card. Should I install the just released firmware update or should I leave well enough alone ?

iMac 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Memory 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
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    Since you are still within the 90 days of complimentary Apple phone tech support, you may want to call them to get the official recommendation. Contact info on the +Contact Us+ link at the lower right corner.
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    I also have a 27-inch iMac (i7) with NO issues whatsoever and have just applied that new ATI 4850 graphics update to my machine successfully; so far in the last hour, I haven't notice anything unusual so I think it's pretty safe to load it. I honestly don't think the Apple tech engineers would release this patch if it would cause more trouble & headaches (as seen recently) when they are in the middle of doing "damage control".
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    I purchased my 27 inch imac early december 2009 - i had a problem with the screen flicker/corruption straight out of the box. I phoned Apple - very helpful, sorted out the issue over the phone. No problems since -now theres a firmware update for the graphics card which I have installed to be sure. To anyone doubtful about the screen flicker issue - don't panic ! -it can easily be fixed. Full marks to apple for their support in my case.

    Anyone thinking of buying this machine - its great - the screen and its fine resolution leaves anything else I have (PC or Mac) in the shade. The portability of the entire computer with minimum of leads and connections (wireless mouse keyboard) is great for working at multiple locations-ok, its not a laptop! But still very portable.

    Not mad on the magic mouse but I can see it is the mouse of the future. (It's like a touchscreen and very customizable but probably take a little practice to use. I hav'nt the patience at present but I suspect Apple will start releasing software for particular uses and applications for it soon)

    Small form keyboard with small travel keys means you can type fast and think you have probably made a load of errors but somehow when you look up it is'nt as bad as with the normal keyboard.

    Overall, a great solution to wires leads connection clutter with top end performance as well.
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    Hi Paddy
    Do you mind sharing the easy fix for the screen flicker. Dozens, if not hundreds, of us would love to know based on this 130+ page thread:
    all of us looking for that elusive solution. Thanks.

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