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In the past two days, my mac mini shows this whenever I turn it on: Cannot display this video mode. Optimum resolution 1440x900 60 Hz. I have to turn off the computer, press shift when I hear the chime, then release shift when the apple appears. After a few minutes, my computer starts. The next time I turn it on, I have to go through the entire process again. Help me, please! By the way, I'm very ignorant at most computer terms, so be kind. I often hear this from my children who are very good at computers, "Oh, Mom......"

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    Do you have a 19" monitor? Also you are saying that it has worked fine in the past and you have not changed anything? One thing you can try right off the bat is resetting the pram sometimes this fixes boot resolution issues. You can also switch to 1024x768 and then shutdown and restart to see if it still does the same thing.