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My wife just downloaded a ringtone (not a song) from the iTunes store, and paid through her account. But we can't find the ringtone. She synched her 3GS and it didn't show up. Can't find it in iTunes file on her computer either. Any ideas?

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    She probably bought a ringtone eligible song/sound file. If she bought a ringtone (I'm not sure there are pre-made ringtones for sale, except from the iphone itself), then it would appear in the ringtone section of the library. I would guess that if you look in the music section of the library you will find the song/file.

    An itunes ringtone is made by buying a ringtone eligible song, finding the song in your music library, clicking Store>Create Ringtone, editing the ringtone to the portion you want, and then buying the ringtone - yes, you pay twice.

    There are also many free ways to make ringtones. Google "iphone ringtone"
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    Thanks, what you say makes sense but the file doesn't appear anywhere. She'll try your google suggestion.