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geoy Level 1 Level 1
i juz bought my IMac but never quite got used to the magic mouse. The cursor just didn't seem as sensitive. Last week, my cursor juz stopped moving. I changed the batteries of the mouse and re-paired it. It was 'connected' But still the cursor does not move. pls help.

  • Ian Bickerstaffe Level 6 Level 6
    Hello and welcome to discussions,

    2 things spring to mind here....

    1. Have you placed the mouse on a blank piece of A4 paper? - If this cures the issues then a new mouse mat is in order there. Get one with a dull surface as opposed to a shiny one.

    2. You appear to have landed in the iMac G4 section of these forums / fora. Just a guess here, I reckon you should post any further questions in here....



  • geoy Level 1 Level 1
    hi.. tried the blank A4 paper.. didn't work.
    I've moved onto the other page like you suggested.
    But if you think of other ideas on how I may solve my mouse issue, pls shout
  • iyacyas Level 4 Level 4
    I have an idea... Take it back to Apple as it may be defective!
  • Ian Bickerstaffe Level 6 Level 6
    Hello again Geoy,

    I saw your other post - Its usually, well its always! a good idea to start a fresh topic about your own issues here. Your other post is buried inside a thread with around 90 replies inside it. Your own, specific, situation may be radically different from the other posters in that thread.
    As in this thread - I suspect that the other poster may be correct - Take it back to the vendor and have them check it out for you.