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    thanks!  simple and worked great!

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    Your fix worked Great.  Thanks a bunch.  I have had this problem a long time.

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    Hi,  Thanks for the tip.  I was going crazy until I came here and found your suggestion.  I found 2 plugins:





    Moved them both to the trash, restarted the computer and PDFs load just fine on Safari again.

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    Thank you very much!!! Worked like a charm. 

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    I redownloaded Adobe and it worked OK- no more black screen

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    In Mountain Lion and Safari there is a way to easily fix without deleting plugins.


    Open Adobe Reader. Preferences/TrustManager--> Click Change Settings, then select "Allow PDF files to access all web sites"   Once you have done this click OK. Quit Adobe. Quit Safari. Reopen Safari.

    PDF's should now open.

    Here is a screen shot. Be sure to scroll down in the preferences categories to get to TrustManager if you do not see it at first.


    Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 12.38.12 PM.png



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    Thanks! That last suggestion worked for me.

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    Another SIMPLE way to fix it? Just go to Finder --> Documents and search for AdobePDFViewerNPAPI.plugin.

    when you find it, just Delete and Restart Safari then it wil work.

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    It is working now! Thank you

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    Deleting the Adobe PDF plugins worked for me too (thanks!), although I have am running OS X 7.5.8 and safari 6.0.5. There was only 1 Adobe plugin in the Library that I could find, I deleted that, (my macbook air asked for a password first) and then restarted Safari. No problems any more with PDF's in safari.

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    Same issue in Safari 6.0.5 and Firefox 6.0.2 and removing the "evil" pdf reader extensions (I had three of them) (had to give password too) quitting Safari, emptying trash and restarting Safari worked for me. Hate Adobe even more now. Always messing up on me. Thanks everyone!

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    I'm using Safari 6.0.5 and OSX 10.7.5.


    That fix of removing or disabling Adobe works great if you want to view pdf files with the default reader for Safari.  However, it won't work for everything. The issue is that there is a new format for pdf files.  The new format allows you to fill out pdf forms online.  If the web site that are browing to uses the latest pdf format, you will need to upgrade to the latest pdf reader.  Unfortunately I have not been able to find a new pdf reader that will read this format except for Adobe's latest reader, Adobe Reader 11.  Personally I like to use Apple's Preview app but I think it will need to be updated by apple as it doesn't seem to read this latest pdf format.  (I'm not aware that this has happened yet.)  In fact, I don't think the other browsers and their pdf readers have updated either. 


    To read and fill out pdf forms online using the latest pdf reader, (for the moment) you will need to install Adobe Reader (version 11) as a plug-in.  What to do:


    1. Drag the old Adobe Reader into the trash and empty the trash to actually remove it.


    2. Download the latest Adobe Reader and install it.  It will automatically put the latest Adobe Reader plugin into the correct folder:  Macintosh HD\Library\Internet Plug-ins.

    (If you open the file path to this folder, you will see: AdobePDFViewer.plugin, and the date modified should be 2013-09-05 to indicate that it is the latest version.)


    3. Restart your mac.



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    My black screen problem occured after I migrated my disk load from my old 1TB 27" iMac to my brand-new-out-of the-box 3TB 27" iMac.  After trying several of the fixes posgted here I found on that really works on Adobe's own website.  Just go to and follow th directions.  Be sure to quit and relauch your prowser afterwards.  Worked great!

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    This worked.  Thank you!

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