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Hi, I'm trying to print some gift certificates I bought in iTunes, but when I got to my account information page (as I was instructed after purchasing), I don't see a "purchase history" link or list or anything?

Anyone seen this before or know where else I can look?

I go to my account and see options for editing my account info, billing info, etc, but no payment history. . .

HP, Windows 7
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    I've got the same problem today. Also getting gift certificate purchases rejected. Was able to purchase two and then got the exceeded message. There are a few other threads on this, with no resolution.
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    You are not the only one. My Purchase History button is completely missing. Some glitch. Hopefully it is fixed soon.
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    i believe it is because itunes connect is closed for christmas =( i wanted to see how much money i spent too.
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    Things like iTunes Plus upgrade and Complete My Album are also gone.
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    I was having the exact same problem, so here is how I got back to my History. Bear with me it is a bunch of steps, but mainly working through the apple's "Help" section till it takes you directly to the history page ... So - follow this link: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ (or if you are worried about a virus, then go to Apple's site then click support then click itunes). In the drop down section under "Customer Service" click on the "Itunes store and Account Billing" tab and it will give you a list I clicked on "Billing Inquiries" and got some info off to the right on my screen. I then click the blue sentence that says, "Finding your iTunes Store purchase history ... " and a popup box appeared. In the middle of the popup box were the words, "Purchase History" in blue. When I clicked that I was taken to my purchase history in my itunes program (FYI - a box did pop up asking me to let Int Expl open my itunes). I hope that helps - it took a while for me to find it, but it makes Christmas all the better to have something to actually print out and give.

    Merry Christmas

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    BFAStemples: Many thanks! Worked perfectly. Merry Christmas!
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    I too was also having some trouble, Now it's sorted.