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I've been having this issue for a few weeks now, it's never happened before now. Several times I've have someone call me, and it goes straight to my Voicemail. During these times, I haven't been on the phone on another call or anything that would cause incomming calls to go straight to Voicemail, my phone is free and calls should come through normally.

My phone was not on silent or anything during these times, I have full coverage on 3G and I just can't understand why this is happening now. I only sometimes will get an SMS notification of a new Voicemail message minutes after the caller has not gotten through and just gone straight to VM. Othertimes, it's days after until I get a notification that I have a new VM.

I've missed several important calls because of this. I have tried turning my phone off then on again but to no avail. I'm not sure of what actions to take next.

I'd appreciate any advice, thanks!

iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    If you are on 3G and not on EDGE then it isn't because you are accessing data. (EDGE does not support simultaneous voice and data).

    If you've got a strong signal the most likely cause is no channels available on any of the towers that are in range. Can you make an outgoing call from the location where this is happening? Or does it happen everywhere?
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    Hi Lawrence, thanks for your reply.

    This has only been happening while I have been at home. When / if I get a SMS notification that I've got a new Voicemail message from a call gone straight to VM, I can call out fine from my phone returning the call.

    The times I've been out recently, I haven't received any incomming calls (not due to this issue, just haven't been called) so I can't say for sure if this is happening only in my area at home, or if when out and about it's an issue as well.
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    better way to know is review your call forwarding setting, the time set for it to ring and how its config, now, in your phone you can forward, if its off i suggest call your carrier and review about the time for ring, vm configurations and if there is no issue in your area for the network
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    I'm having the same problems with my wife's and daughters iphone's. They both have problems sending texts too. Half the time they get the exclamation mark that the text didn't go through. My wife has received half a dozen calls that never registered and went straight to voicemail. Right now my daughters iphone is not receiving or making calls. Texts are spotty at the moment too. Called ATT and they have tried resetting the text and voice features on the phones but we are still having the problem. Very frustrating. Going to try replacing the sim cards next and if that doesn't work maybe take it into an apple store.
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    I am having the same problem too, any incoming calls go straight to my voicemail, but I receive all text messages and voicemails. Anyone calling me goes straight to voicemail. Please help. The only time I can tell someone is calling me is if I am on the other line.

    Have you been able to fix your problem yet?
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    I am having the same issues, dropped calls on both my wife's an my iphone when good reception is available. Incoming calls are often not received and go to voicemail. Call Quality is pretty bad and the person on the other end says they are echoing back on themselves.
    I contacted AT&T over the issue and was told to take both phones to either a AT&T store or to an Apple Store for diagnosis or possible replacement.
    The oddest thing is that when my wife's phone drops calls my phone can be working fine. It is a very odd situation when you can compare two phones incoming and outgoing calls from the same location and get very different results.
    Rebooting the iphones does not provide any solution, I have also tried turning off all wireless and restarting it again using the Airplane Mode but again the issues persist.
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    Hi all,

    Glad (but not glad in a way too!) that I'm not the only one with this issue.

    A bit of an update - I contacted my service provider and they reset my network settings. The person I was speaking with called my phone 2 times to test if this had work and on his first attempt he couldn't get though calling me so at least he could see / hear the issue for himself. He tried again which worked, but the best he could offer was to keep an eye on it and to try and figure out where the issue was coming from - whether it be the SIM card or the iPhone itself.

    After the network resetting, I did notice that MOST of my calls came through fine and it was service as usual. Alas that good run didn't last, I am now not receiving any calls what so ever and my text messages are coming through VERY delayed.

    I put my SIM card in another phone to test out and all calls came through 100% fine. So unfortunatly it seems to be an iPhone issue.

    I've now been in touch with the store where I purchased my phone and it's going to be sent back to Apple for replacement.

    One thing I was wondering about - seeing as I'll be getting a new iPhone, with all my apps mainly - seeing as they're in iTunes, it's just a matter of syncing the new iPhone up and all my music and apps etc will be put on the new iPhone, is that right? It's only really any photos or notes I have to save off my current iPhone and text messages I'll lose? I just want to make 100% sure I get everything saved before I give them my phone.

    Hope the others who're having this same issue can get theirs fixed soon too, I just hope this replacement phone will be fine!! Hate dramas!
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    UPDATE:: AT&T requested that I take the iPhone into an Apple Store for testing, after testing the Genius said that this was a AT&T network issue and that I should call customer service back.

    I spoke with AT&T again today, they said that they will send out a new sim card to see if that resolves the dropped calls and calls not coming in and that they will also request a network check for my area.

    I will update again once I receive the sim card.
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    I think I'm getting a bit of a bum-steer (for one of a better word!) with my iPhone ordeal. I haven't handed my phone over yet, but I was told that if Apple, in their opinion, find nothing wrong with my phone then I won't be getting a replacement.

    I fear that seeing as I've already tested my Sim card out several times and my Sim being in another phone worked fine, if Apple, again in their opinion, find nothing wrong - I'm going to be stuck with a phone that doesn't do the basic functions (calls and texts) that any el-cheapo phone can do easily.

    Please do let me know how you go with a replacement Sim.. I'm probably going to be told the same if Apple won't give me a replacement.
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    I've the same problem. Even though I have experienced the problem before it turned very annoying two days ago, since then practically all the incoming calls are redirected to voicemail.

    I tried the reboot, tested the sim with other phone, called the company and seems it is a problem related witrh the iphone but I couldn't identify the origin.

    Just two clues, if I turn off the wifi and choose the telephone network mannually it works for a while but the problem returns when turning on the wifi...
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    Lawrence Finch wrote:
    If you are on 3G and not on EDGE then it isn't because you are accessing data. (EDGE does not support simultaneous voice and data).

    That's not entirely correct. The EDGE (or, GERAN) specifications do support simultaneous voice and data. The feature is called Dual Transfer Mode (see e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DualTransferMode) which enables simultaneous data transfer (over GPRS or EDGE) and voice call in the GSM network.

    I would guess the iPhone does not support this feature (nor most of the networks for that matter), but according to my understanding there are several phone models from other manufacturers (such as most if not all Nokia 2G/3G dualmode devices sold for the last 2 years or so, some Blackberries etc.) that do support DTM. Also, at least Vodafone in the UK support DTM in their network.

    Finally, the I believe the iPhone has Infineon 2G/3G modem chipset platform, which does support DTM but is just not enabled in the iPhone.
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    sounds like reception issues, whiuch according to the guys at the so called "genius bar" its all standard!