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Loosing stack pick when importing project??

There is a really awful bug in Aperture:

When you import a project into a library, some of the stack picks are lost!

I realized that because I needed to move some project from a library to another.
I did the normal Export->Project to my desktop. Then change the library, then drag and drop the project from the finder into Aperture. Everything seems to work just fine. Except that the images I chosen in stacks are not the stack pick anymore!! Not on the top of the stack. But the problem is not for all stack. Some still have the correct pick. But about 80% of them have lost their pick.

That is a real problem and it make my lost a lot of time going through all stack and select again the right one...

Does anybody else encounter that problem?

Macbook Pro 17" SantaRosa, Mac OS X (10.6.2), 4Gb