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Because iMovie '09 doesn't work for me (what was Apple thinking!?), I've been using iMovie 6, still, and I'm having some problems exporting my 12 minute 24 second video to Quicktime. I've tried everything, but somehow about halfway through the movie (in the Quicktime file), the final quarter of the first audio track starts playing on top of the track that's already playing, and for whatever reason, doesn't seem to think it worth it's while to stop, so it plays all the way until the end of the audio track, and then stops. I've tried exporting this in every possible way, I've tried putting it into Garageband (and even removing the audio track from there and putting them back in as seperate clips - but that quickly froze up my computer), I've tried using iMovie '09 (which I positively HATE) and just about every other possible way, but this problem keeps coming up, even when nothing of the sort happens inside iMovie itself. Is there any way for me to solve this problem?

Oh, I nearly forgot to say that the audio had been extracted from the clips because the audio, for whatever reason, doesn't get synchronized with the video.

17" Intel iMac (late 2006), Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    My first thought - Wonder how much free space there is on the start-up hard disk ?

    • When iMovie goes BAD there are very often 10Gb or less free space.

    If that's not the problem I would
    • Secure a minimum of 25Gb free space on internal/boot/start-up hard disk
    (others not so important)
    • Run - Repair permissions
    • Start iMovie HD 6
    • When Your movie is loaded - Start an extra New project
    • Copy from TimeLine of old movie over to new one - piece by piece till all parts
    that plays OK is over

    Close iMovie - and open the new iMovie project - to see if it still plays OK.

    Else see my general trouble shooting list

    *Not knowing the origin to Your problem - General approach when in trouble is as follows.*

    • Free space on internal (start-up) hard disk if it is less than 10Gb should rather have 25Gb

    • Delete iMovie pref file - or rather start a new user/account - log into this and re-try

    iMovie pref file resides.

    Mac Hard Disk (start-up HD)/Users/"Your account"/Library/Preferences

    and is named. *com.apple.iMovie.plist *

    While iMovie is NOT RUNNING - move this file out to desk-top.
    Now restart iMovie.

    • Hard disk is untidy. Repair Permissions, Repair Hard disk (Apple Disc Util tool)

    • Garageband-fix. Start it, Play a note and Close it. Re-try (Corrects an audio problem that hinders iMovie)

    • Screen must be set to Million-colors

    • Third party plug-ins that doesn't work OK (not relevant for iMovie’08 or 09)

    iMovie updated ?
    QuickTime updated ?
    Mac OS version ?

    • Program miss-match. iMovie 5.0.2, up to Mac OS X.4.11 AND QuickTime 7.4.1 - is OK
    • Program miss-match. iMovie 6.0.3 or 6.0.4, Mac OS X.4.11 AND QuickTime 7.4.1 - is OK (might work under Leopard)
    • Program miss-match. iMovie’08 v. 7.0.1, Mac OS X.4.11 AND QuickTime 7.4.1 - is OK (might work under Leopard)

    From LKN 1935. (in this case = iMovie HD (5), I tried it all, but nothing worked.
    Your answer (above) has been helpfull insofar as all the different trials led to the conclusion that
    there was something wrong with my iMovie software. I therefore threw everything away and reinstalled
    iMovie from the HD. After that the exportation of DV videos (there has not been any problem with HDV videos)
    to my Sony camcorders worked properly as it did before.

    Lennart Thelander
    I run "Cache Out X", clear out all caches and restarts the Mac.

    *SYNC Problem*

    Most often Camera is set to 12-bit audio - iMovie uses 16-bit. Alter setting on Camera.

    Yours Bengt W