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I am hoping I can find some help here, I have purged the internet looking for a solution, all to no avail.

Heres the situation:
I have a 15" mac book pro unibody.
500 gb hdd
4 gb ram
9600m gt graphics

Anyways, I decided to install windows 7 on a partition I made using boot camp, hoping to play the new Dragon Age: Origins game.
Everything went well with the install, except for the graphics card.
When I open the device manager, this is what it says:
"Standard VGA Graphics Adapter"

Clearly wrong, clearly does not work with Dragon Age:
("Graphics card not supported for this game")

So I don't know what to do, here's what I HAVE done.

--I tried going to the nVidia website and downloading the latest driver for my graphics card, only to have it say this when I try to run it:
("There is no drivers in this package for the hardware on your computer")

--I tried going into Device Manage, right clicking Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, clicking properties->update drive->browse my computer->let me pick->picking my latest nVidia folder->picking 9600m gt from the list-> next. This looks like it starts to install, but then tells me that the control panel was not able to install successfully, so its REVERTING to the last working driver, uninstalling and restarting as I scream "Nooooooo!!".

--I tried changing the nvam.inf file, editing the device key value of the graphics I retrieved from running dxdiag, however when I ran dxdiag, it was the same device key as the one already in the nvam.inf file, so that changed nothing.

--Lastly (i just remembered this, I did this first), I tried downloading the latest BootCamp version (2.1 or something?), and this changed nothing as well.

I am severely exhausted and stressed from trying to get this to work, and I am in DIRE need of help, since one of the only reasons I put windows 7 on this was to play video games!!! Please dont let it be all for nothing haha.

Thanks for ANY help anyone can give me, I will answer ANY questions!!


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