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The full pop-up message:
"This iPod cannot be used because the required software is not installed. Run the iTunes installer to remove iTunes, then install the 64-bit version of iTunes."

I have done that about twice now and rebooted once. I really need help, is there steps in which I have to do or something? I need help desperately.

Windows Vista, 64 Bit
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    I am having the same exact problem have you found a solution yet?
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    I believe I have figured out the problem.
    1)Delete Itunes and The Mobile or App updater
    2)Restart Computer
    3)If you were using Firefox, DONT, Use Internet Explorer or some other Browser, Using Firefox forces itunes to load a 32 bit version. This seem to work for me!!
    Hope this helps everyone out!!
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    It probably will, it's just that I restart my computer and delete some things, downloaded again and said the same thing. What/where could I find the App updater?
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    I got it. I just first uninstalled iTunes then this:
    1.Open up the Command Prompt as an Administrator (Go to All Programs > Accessories and Right Click on Command Prompt and then choose Run as administrator)
    2.Type cd C:\Windows\SysWOW64
    3.Type regsvr32 vbscript.dll (This registers VB Script with your computer.)
    4.Now install iTunes as you normally would by double clicking on the install program and wait for iTunes to finish installing.
    5.Type regsvr32 /u vbscript.dll (This unregisters VB Script with your computer.)
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    *I just had to write and say IT WORKED! thank you soo much, I was having a mini fit thinking i'd lose all my music uninstalling! it works even on windows xp!!*

    *thanks Quimbinator, ur a solvinator!!*
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    My iTunes was not recognizing my iPhone and this worked. Thank you very much. And yes ALL my music was there and played just fine. Thanks again!!!!!!!