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Is the large 13" x 10.4" the only sizing option for a calendar with iPhoto '09? My brother has an older version ('06) and was able to order a smaller size of the calendar he made in the '06 version. When I go to the buy calendar steps for my calendar, with the '09 version, it only lists the 13x10.4 size. It's too big for our needs and I'd like to buy a smaller one if possible. Thanks.

Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    The options you get are the ones available

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    I'm disappointed that iPhoto '09 has limited the sizing options for the calendar. Particularly since the larger calendars we ordered were grainier than the smaller ones my brother ordered. About half of the pictures were the same in the 2 sets of calendars, but the quality was markedly different. So much graininess in the pictures (of the 13x10.4 size) wasn't expected after seeing the calendars our family members ordered last year. If the sizing options don't expand next year, I guess we'll have to look elsewhere for printing our calendars. Which is disappointing since that was one of the reasons we were excited to buy our new Mac.

    Do you know where to register suggestions or complaints about the iPhoto '09 product?
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    iPhoto menu -> Provide iPhoto Feedback


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    1 - reach Apple via the iPhoto menu ==> provide iPhoto feedback

    2 - it is very likely that the difference in print quality between the two calendars is due to the pixel dimensions of the photos - you need a minimum of 180 dpi for good quality prints and 300 dpi is better -- http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1035 -- so printing a low resolution photo smaller gives much better results - that is simple physics and has nothing to do with the source of the printing

    A full page photo on a calendar must be a minimum of 2375x1905 pixels for good quality