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when i go to macintosh hd, then users, then shared, there is a bunch of music, a lot of which is old music i have deleted. does this take up space? do i need these songs there for itunes to work?

Macbook 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.2), yeah..
  • Colin Robinson Level 6 (8,315 points)
    alexiskozaczinski wrote:
    ...does this take up space?


    ...do i need these songs there for itunes to work?

    Only if you're not letting iTunes organise your music for you - to check this see what your preferences in iTunes are set to (Advanced tab - Keep iTunes Media folder organised).

    The other way to check this is to find a track that is in this folder in iTunes and do a Get Info. The Summary tab tells you at the bottom where it is playing from.

    Colin R.
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    thank you. in the itunes advanced tab, it says the itunes media folder location is users/me/music/itunes/itunes media, and the box is checked to keep the itunes media folder organized. so does this mean i can delete the songs from the shared folder?
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,670 points)
    You need to see if this music is in the iTunes media folder..
    If it is, you can delete it from the Shared folder.