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There are some songs on my iPod Nano that I want to delete from the iPod but still keep in Library...

When I connect my iPod to my Mac, all of the songs show up that are on my iPod but I am unable to click the song and delete it from my iPod.

All of the songs are not bold like when I look at them in my library.

I can't click on any of the songs... when I hold the control button and click my mouse the only thing that pops up is a menu that features:

Get Info
Reset Play Count
Reset Skip Count
Show in Playlist
Apply Sort Field

Can anyone help me????

Thank you very much!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), iPod Nano 5th Gen
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    If you want to delete songs from iTunes and keep them on the iPod you need to change the update option of your iPod to "manually manage music and videos" (this setting isn't available for 1st and 2nd generation iPod shuffles, you can't delete from iTunes and keep the songs on the these). The content of iTunes and the iPod are not syncronised in this mode so the two can be different, you can get details here:
    Managing content manually on iPod and iPhone
    iPod - Syncing Music

    One major word of caution. If you delete songs or videos from your computer and have no back up other than the iPod you will risk losing them permanently if your iPod fails or you find you have to restore it to solve a problem. You should consider investing in an additional internal or external hard drive to store/back up your music. Alternatively at the very least back up anything you can't replace such as iTunes downloads to CD or DVD or an external drive:
    How to back up your media in iTunes
    Back up your iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive

    Something else to be aware of when using an iPod Nano in manual mode is that the "Do Not Disconnect" message will remain on the display until you physically eject the device: Safely Disconnect IPod
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    Thank you for the response...

    But I want to delete songs from my iPod, but keep them in my Library.

    I tried to do this but when I connect my iPod to my Mac, the songs on my iPod show up but it wont allow me to delete them from the iPod.
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    *But I want to delete songs from my iPod, but keep them in my Library.*

    Sorry for the confusion, switching the iPod to manual management as I've described will do exactly what you want. When an iPod is set to manual you can access the songs on it directly and delete them just as you would from the library. With the iPod set to manual management it's doesn't sync with iTunes so you can delete songs from the iPod and keep them in iTunes or delete them from iTunes and keep them on the iPod (however this option isn't to be advised unless you have the songs backed up somewhere in case you need to restore the iPod).
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    I figured it out... Thanks!