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Any time I put a blank CD, DVD, or a CD or DVD that has information on it, it will spin a few times with a lot of grinding noise and then eject it. I've looked at System Profiler and Disk Utility and it seems that the drive is being recognized by the computer, but the drive will not recognize any CDs or DVDs. I even tried to put in the original back up disk to try to run a hardware test but the same thing happens to that CD. What can I do to fix this problem short of bringing it in to a store and getting it checked out? (my computer is no longer under apple warranty, but a different warranty and it would be a hassle to get it paid for)

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Firmware Revision: HA13
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    Try a Safeboot with the MBP into Safemode, then see if it'll read a disk such as the install DVD.


    Press and hold the shift key while booting.
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    Hi Suzanne,

    after setting up s new home business recently, I invested in a new Macbook Pro but after less than 2 weeks it became apparent that there was a problem with the superdrive recognising blank CDs/DVDs and also music CD's bought from high street stores.

    Literally a few days into working with Soundtrack Pro, iTunes and Toast 10, it gobbled up a retail music CD and defied any of the suggested ways of getting it to spit it out (holding the trackpad down or F12 or eject upon startup). I tried this a few times until eventually, the screen stayed grey on startup (no Apple symbol) and would onlt respond to PRAM reset on startup. No response to Single Usser mode, Safe mode, etc etc. (tried all the suggested options!).

    Can't even start up from the system disc because the music disc is stuck in the drive!

    So I'm going to contact my local Apple Specialist and get it sorted. Luckier than most I guess, as I'm still well within my warranty period. Still very annoying though.

    Will post any findings as soon as I can.