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rorycash Level 1 (0 points)
Hello all. I am trying to connect my Sony BDP-N460 blu-ray player to my existing Apple Airport Extreme wireless network so I can utilize its internet video functionality. I am having a heck of a time doing so. Particularly I can't get the blu ray player to connect to the internet. If you have done this successfully, please reply with a step by step how to.
Thanks for your time!
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,149 points)
    I haven't hooked up this particular model of Sony, but have hooked up another DVD player with a standard ethernet port that the Sony appears to use.

    To do this using Apple components, you will need to have an AirPort Express(n) located near the player. The Express should be configured to "join a wireless network" and "enable ethernet clients" needs to be checked on the Wireless setup page. Of course, the Express will need a strong enough wireless signal at its location to be able to connect. The Sony manual mentions a Linksys device to accomplish the same task. Your post did not indicate what device you were trying to use at the DVD end.

    If wireless will not work, take a look at a pair of ethernet powerline adapters to accomplish the same task as if you were directly connecting your router and the Sony using an ethernet cable. Ethernet is by far the best way to connect devices if you are planning to stream video signals. Wireless may or may not be able to handle the required bandwidth for video.

    Most Audio/Video devices will auto-connect to a network just as your computer does, but it is important to restart the DVD player once you have the connection made before you click "connect" on the devices on screen setup menu.
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    rorycash, Are you trying to hook up this Blu-Ray Player using a Linksys WET610N wireless bridge as suggested by Sony? The problem seems to be that the airport extreme encryption interferes with the connection. I set up the extreme with encryption and then had the wireless bridge join a "Guest Network" with the encryption turned off. This seems to have solved the problem.
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    Can you explain how to do the "guest network"? I am having the same problem w/ WET610N and my airport extreme and this blu ray player
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    Ross, In Finder select Macintosh Hard Drive/Applications/Utilities/Airport Utility. Select your Airport Express and then Manual Setup. Goto Guest Network and enable guest network and set security at "none". Anyone within range can now access the internet on your guest network and you can have the blu ray player join this network and you shouldn't get disconnected. Chuck